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13 of The Best Camping Coffee Maker in 2023

There is no other reasonable way to start the day than with a nice cup of joe. Making coffee while camping should be low-maintenance, quick, and enjoyable. An expensive espresso maker, Keurig, or pour-over coffee maker would be lovely in the woods, but if you’re short on room or lack access to an outlet, these options aren’t feasible.

It is crucial to evaluate how easy the coffee pot is to use when searching for the best camping coffee maker for your needs, how well it packages, how much it charges and how the drink tastes.

Whether you want a French press, a single-serve brewer, a percolator, a kettle, or a simple dripping option, there are many options to make the following excursion to the woods with a cup of java.

Hence, we set camping coffee makers a priority: washable, lightweight, reasonably priced, made to last, and efficiently brew a large cup of coffee. Following are the best camping coffee, makers:

List of 13 Best Camping Coffee Maker

1. Best for Large Groups – Planetary Design French Press

Planetary Design French Press


It’s hard to find a brewer system that’s both compact and big enough for a large crew. Many single-serving makers are simple to clean and rebrew. It might be tedious to do it five times, so everyone has coffee with breakfast.

The Planetary Designs French Press is good to prevent this calamity and prepare excellent coffee for the whole crew. The Bru-stop screen stops the production process after pushing to avoid over-extraction. A good camping coffee maker, a group, indeed enjoyed every cup.

This Press’s flaws are minor and apparent. It’s the most powerful and heaviest camping coffee machine we have searched for so far. If you’re vehicle glamping with a large group, it’s hard to find a better alternative. Sadly, this is one of the more costly brewers. This is the classic French Press for large groups.


  • Double Filtration for a cleaner cup.
  • Insulated


  • Strange Conveyance Shape
  • Heavy to Handle
  • Cleans with Water

2. Best for Big Groups – GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Steel 14-Cup Percolator

Best for Big Groups GSI Outdoors Glacier


nspire your family and friends by waking them up to freshly brewed coffee. Use it with any gas burner or hang it over a fire. A glass knob adjusts the coffee’s strength, and the stainless-steel construction resists corrosion. It may take some effort to get the coffee to boil perfectly.

The water should be just below boiling to avoid any bubbling. Though an oven mitt is handy, this percolator is intended to be handled immediately after use.


  • Excellent for Large Groups of People
  • Relatively Light in Weight


  • Costly

3. Best for Backpacking – Widesea Camping Coffee Pot

Widesea Camping Coffee Pot


This coffee pot is absolutely what you should bring if you need something light in weight. It is easy to use on your solo backpacking travels. The stainless-steel and aluminum mix ensure a long-lasting, heated French press that goes incredibly well.

It contains 8 ounces (1 cup) of coffee and weighs 12 ounces. The rubber grips make collecting very easy, and you may directly enjoy the coffee out of the cup you used to prepare.

This French Press is a big, easy accessory to your solo travel at this affordable price point. This maker probably isn’t your best choice if you plan to prepare coffee for more than two people.


  • It is both Lightweight and Robust.
  • Affordable


  • Brewed One Cup of Coffee at a Time.

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4. Best French Press Coffee Maker for Camping – P1 Stainless Steel Travel Coffee French Press

French Press Coffee Maker for Camping


This French Press is significantly more convenient to take camping than standard glass or plastic presses because it is compact, vacuum-insulated, and almost indestructible.

Alternatively, you can drink directly from the stainless-steel carafe. That features a unique filtration system that prevents the coffee from getting grainy or bitter once separated, as you would do with a traditional coffee maker.

This Press creates 10 ounces of coffee at a time, but it may also be used as a cup that holds up to 15 ounces.


  • Lightweight and Easily Transportable
  • Produces a Strong cup of Coffee.
  • It can also be used as a Travel Cup.
  • It is Well-insulated and Keeps its Heat.


  • Produces less than 2 Cups at a Time.
  • Requires a Separate Supply of Hot Water

5. Stanley Classic Stay Hot French Press

Stanley Classic


There’s nothing quicker than a French press on a foggy camp morning for a massive batch of strong coffee. Sprinkle in the ground and boil water; Press, coffee. Don’t let it sit down, however, so coffee won’t go cold.

Stanley knows a little bit about keeping things warm and is applying the Classic Stay Hot French Press to its bomber life and vacuum isolation. The carafe and the cover are vacuum-isolated and classified to keep fluids warm for 4 hours or cold for 9 hours.

Its capacity of 48-ounce is adequate for six to eight-ounce cups—the filter screws off the lid for easy cleaning.


  • Handle’s Plastic but Sturdy and Comfortable
  • Holds Coffee Hot for a while
  • It is Well-built and Functional
  • It is Ideal for Touring and Camping.


  • The Filtration System is of Poor Quality.
  • It Won’t Work Well in Colder Climates.

6. AeroPress Coffee Maker

AeroPress Camping Coffee Maker


This is also the fastest way to fix your morning caffeine. It takes a little over 2 minutes to brew (excluding the time of boiling water). It’s effortless to clean and takes just a few seconds.

It’s compact enough to pack into a camping kit for everyone. However, it’s a bit heavy for backpacking. It weighs 9.5 oz when fully loaded with all of the accompanying tools. However, for 6.3 oz, you can simply get by with only the main section and a couple of filters.

The AeroPress makes 1-2 cups at a time, so it’s great for small gatherings. Then create the suction, let the coffee boil, then press it out to form two cups.

The AeroPress rapidly became our go-to method for making excellent camp coffee. With a nice camping travel mug or mess kit, you’ll be ready for the day in the bush.


  • Cleaning up is Incredibly Easy.
  • It is Small, Compact, and Long-lasting
  • Coffee can be prepared in less than 2 minutes


  • Product Quality Deteriorated
  • The Coffee Ground Attachment Doesn’t Remain Attached.
  • Even with Finest Grinds, Water Flows Rapidly.

7. Fanciest Full-Java System – Eureka 12-Cup Camp Coffee Maker

Eureka 12-Cup Camp Coffee Maker


Eureka Camp Coffee Maker includes a boiler, a carafe, a coffee scooper, a filter holder, and a lid in one portable and packed system. Eureka incorporates a proprietary flow ring technology that heats water twice as quickly as regulated and monitored in the kettle.

Use a Pour-Over filter to prepare new coffee into the 12-cup reservoir when the water is boiled. Both the kettle and reservoir are constructed of hard-anodized BPA-free and exceptionally robust aluminum. The filters used for coffee can also be doubled as a strainer for pasta or rice.


  • Conveniently Folds Together for Transportation
  • Excellent for Large Groups of People


  • Costly

8. Best Moka Pot – Grosche Milano Stovetop Espresso Maker

Best Moka Pot - Grosche Milano


A Moka pot is a device that passes boiling steam-pressured water in-ground coffee for a robust, delicious brew. Available in three, six, and nine coffee choices, this Moka pot allows you to create a strong cappuccino or traditional coffee.

It is safe and easy to navigate about the fire because of the heat-resistant hooks and knobs. All of the various sections can be swiftly disassembled for easy storage after you’re finished using it.

A silicone seal is placed around the filter to prevent leakage while maintaining constant pressure in the burner.

Every three months, this sealing should be replaceable. It’s generally not your best choice if you don’t like a strong brew since the outcomes here are a powerful espresso blend.


  • Available in a Variety of Sizes.
  • Produces Espresso of Superior Quality.
  • Knobs and handles that are Heat Resistant


  • Only Brews Espresso
  • Replace the Seal after a Few Months.

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9. Best Espresso Maker – Wacaou Minipresso GR Portable Espresso Machine

Wacaou Minipresso GR


This hand-powered coffee maker requires no energy or batteries. Press the machine to serve excellent espresso into the supplied cup. The coffee machine is 7 inches tall and weighs under 1 pound, making it a “first for camping.”

It is necessary to include the boiling water. Minipresso GR is the perfect choice if you want to drink up to 50 ml of authentic espresso at home, in the office, or while on the road.

Use the integrated scoop to add coffee beans to the filter basket. Gently level the grind. Fill the tank with hot water. Finally, remove the piston from its travel point and pressurize to extract exquisite espresso with excellent crema.


  • Simple to Use and Clean.
  • Amazing and Tasty Espresso
  • Quick Brewing


  • Leakages. Doesn’t Work Well
  • Hard to Press the Knob

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10. Best Car Camping Coffee Maker – 12V Car Kettle SPARDAR

Best Car Camping Coffee Maker


This Spardar electric kettle may not be a complete coffee machine, but it can boil 12 oz of water with a 12V outlet – a vital element for brewing on a camping car.

The first thing you can’t do in the morning is to have a fire or camping stove. This maker can boil water for your favored pour-over coffee or push it immediately with instant coffee.

The different temperature settings on the kettle also allow you to have better control over your brew. Just keep in mind that it can take approximately 20 minutes for the water to reach boiling temperature.


  • Compatibility with 12v
  • It is Simple to Use
  • Water Temperature can be Adjustable


  • Boil Slowly
  • Capacity is Limited.
  • Separate Coffee Machine required unless using Instant

11. Best Coleman Coffee Maker – Coleman 9-Cup Aluminum Coffee Pot

Coleman 9-Cup Aluminum Coffee Pot


Coleman is well-known for manufacturing high-quality camping equipment, which includes everything from hiking tents to camping chairs.

As a result, it should recognize the fact that Coleman is the company behind a coffee percolator that customers have praised as “timeless” and “ideal for camping.”

The rust-resistant aluminum coffee pot has two handles as well as a built-in basket for convenience. Its large nine-cup capacity will ensure that you have enough caffeine to get through anything your day throws at you.


  • Mini percolator for Campfire Coffee
  • Perfect, Versatile, and makes Great Coffee
  • A lightweight Aluminum pot that Performs Admirably


  • The Coffee was Burned, and the Maker was Readily Deformed.
  • The Device became Worthless after two weeks of Use.

12. Best Bag for Your Buck – OXO Outdoor Campgrounds French Press

OXO Outdoor Campgrounds French Press


Prefer to start your day with a cup of freshly brewed French Press coffee, but don’t want to carry your glass coffee equipment from home.  This is where the new OXO French Press comes in, specifically built for camping and traveling.

Similarly, the carafe is made of shatterproof Titan Renew, consisting of 50 percent recycled materials. An additional protective casing assures that this French Press will last the duration of the camping excursion.

The 32-ounce carafe holds enough coffee for three to four coffees, and the plush nonslip grip makes it easy to carry. This coffee machine is excellent for casual vehicle camping trips where freshly brewed coffee is all about, but it is also reasonably priced to accommodate any budget.


  • It is Simple to Use
  • Affordable
  • Durable


  • It is Necessary to Clean your Hands.

13. Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker

Coffee Gator French Press Coffee Maker


If you camp with several friends or only drink enough coffee, you quickly serve coffee with this enormous coffee press. It is vacuum-insulated for up to one hour to preserve your coffee warm and has a cool-touch handle that prevents your fingers from burning.

One reviewer stated that it had “accompanied me all across the worldwide I was in the armed services and on several camping trips,” so you can rest assured that it will endure a long time.

In addition to protecting sediments out of your cup, the coffee French Press also allows the rich coffee oils to enter. In the end, you’ll have a more prosperous, fuller-bodied brew that will have you beaming ear to ear.


  • Metal keeps Coffee Warm and is Portable.
  • Light, Durable, and Easy to Clean.
  • Coffee Press and Pot that is Long-lasting


  • There is Rust in the Interior.
  • Poor Construction Quality
  • The Coating Flaked off, and the Pushbutton came Loose.

How to Pick the Best Camping Coffee Maker

Types of Camping Coffee Makers


These work by soaking the coffee grinds in lukewarm water for 4-5 mins, then separating them with a plunger. The plunger will usually push the grinds to the basement and keep the coffee on top. Some presses squeeze water out of the grinds.


Sit on a cooktop with percolators. Boiling water causes pressure that drives the water to boil. These have the advantage that water cannot be warmed in a different container.

Pour Over

These are identical to the typical drip coffee makers, but apart from that, you gently pour warm water across the ground. They are usually the simplest and most straightforward to use and maintain.

Ease of Use

It’s a headache to arrive at your campground and notice you’ve forgotten your coffee maker’s specialized coffee filters. A picky coffee maker that requires a precise coffee grinder, water levels, or technique is also terrible.

The recommended camping coffee makers are easy to operate. A good coffee maker should create a quality cup of coffee with any ingredients you have at camps.


Your finished cup of coffee may taste drastically different even if you use the same grounds because of the kind of coffee machine you are using.

If you want a nice cup of coffee, buy a coffee machine that isn’t too demanding. Just one that you are ready to put in the effort to master the peculiarities and skills that come with it.

Brew Time

You can’t be patient while waiting for your brew in the morning. Thus, you may be encouraged to take your coffee with the fastest possible approach. If you are the man who usually drinks 4 or 5 cups a morning, it can be worth waiting longer and getting a large pot set to go.


If you’re traveling with unlimited space, we recommend deciding on flavor and convenience over packability. For travelers or hikers with limited space, durability and packability outweigh taste and convenience.

Reliability, weight, packability, and pricing are crucial considerations when choosing a camping coffee maker. Because you’ll be moving it in a vehicle, it should be scratch-resistant.

Portability and packability are essential factors if you have limited room or plan to take your coffee trekking. While instant coffee is simple, the GSI Outdoors Ultralight Java Drip enhances your cup of coffee. Finally, as it is a product of camping gear, affordability is critical.

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Coffee is not just a method to sleep. Having a nice drink in the morning gives you meaningful discussion, laughter, and limitless chances for the whole day. If you didn’t have a coffee machine for camping, now would be the time.

All of these products are built explicitly for external use, with robust materials and easy packing. They are also environmentally friendly.

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