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The 11 Best French Press Coffee Maker in 2023

You don’t need to be an expert in brewing or extraction to make great coffee from a French press. It’s strong and full-bodied. The best french press coffee maker tends to have small quality variances.

The fundamental distinction is material: glass or plastic carafes do not retain heat, and double-walled ones (usually stainless steel). Yet a French press can be used to brighten up your kitchen or compliment your decor.

Top 11 Picks of Best French Press Coffee Maker

  1. Espro P3 French Press- The Best French Press
  2. Coffee Gator 34-Ounce French Press Coffee Maker
  3. Best Overall: Bodum Chambord French Press
  4. Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French
  5. Best Durable: IdylcHomes Kona French Press Coffee Maker
  6. Bodum Brazil French Press: Best value
  7. Best-Equipped: Veken French Press
  8. Pukomc French Press Coffee Tea Maker
  9. Best High-End: Espro Coffee French Press P7
  10. Best Dishwasher Safe: Stanley French Press
  11. Kitchenexus Stainless Steel French Press

1. Espro P3 French Press- The Best French Press

The Best French Press


  • Double Micro-Filtered
  • 32 Ounce, Black
  • Coffee and Tea Maker

Product Description

Brew cafe-quality coffee at home with the ESPRO Press P3’s timeless glass design; Make every cup with beautiful appeal.

In contrast to conventional presses, the innovative double micro-filter maintains your cup exceptionally clean of sludge and grit; leave no sip behind!

By pressing the filter, you end the extraction process and prevent your coffee from becoming bitter. The final cup has the same flavor as the first.

In addition to being more durable and retaining heat, German-engineered Glass is held in place by a Safety Lock. It is free of BPA and phthalates; Schott-Duran Glass. A maximum of 32 oz of coffee can be brewed, while a minimum of 24 oz can be brewed.

It was built to last for generations with a food-grade aluminum frame and Glass that will never go out of style.


  • Classic Coffee
  • Grit/ Sludge Free
  • No more Bitterness
  • 40% Thicker Glass


  • Cheap Plastic
  • Cheap Pushrod

2. Coffee Gator 34-Ounce French Press Coffee Maker

 34-Ounce French Press Coffee Maker


  • Stainless Steel Insulation
  • Manual Coffee Makers
  • Travel Canisters
  • Large, Grey 4-Cup Serving Press (34 Fl oz)

Product Description:

With a vacuum-layered and double-filtered coffee press, you’ll get an aroma and flavor that’s bigger than your inbox. And yes, there’s even a little canister included for storing your next dose of coffee.

Compared to glass coffee presses, the stainless-steel french press preserves coffee (or tea) warm for an additional 60 minutes. It also has a cool-touch grip and a spring-loaded dual filter for a consistently clean cup.

Insulated French press brewers like this one are strong, long-lasting, and resistant to corrosion. When you drop it, it won’t shatter like Glass (but your floor might need some attention). You’ve found the perfect cup of coffee to brighten your day.

The coffee French Press keeps sediment out of your cup with its distinctive shape while allowing the flavorful coffee oils to permeate. If you’re looking for something with more flavor, this is the way to go.


  • Reasonably priced
  • Dishwasher-Safe
  • Made Entirely of Stainless Steel


  • Poor Heat Retention
  • Grounds Get Trapped
  • Fragile Glass Build

3. Best Overall: Bodum Chambord French Press

Best Overall - Bodum Chambord


  • Chambord 1 Liter Chrome
  • Bodum 16US4
  • Coffee Maker with a French Press

Product Description

The classification Bodum Chambord is a classic for a good reason. As far as Kasperowicz and Cho are concerned, you don’t need to go against the grain unless you use a different material or style.

The Chambord is a simple design, yet it is available in various colors. Cho also appreciates the ease of finding replacement parts should something go wrong with the model he owns.


  • The design is Excellent, and the Size is Ideal.
  • Better and cheaper than drip brewing.
  • High-quality, Long-lasting, and Simple to Use


  • Awful Design
  • Shoddy Construction
  • A Guarantee of Failure

4. Frieling Double Wall Stainless Steel French Press

Frieling Double-Walled French Press


  • Polished, 36 Ounces
  • French Press Coffee Maker
  • Double-Walled
  • Manufactured in the United States

Product Description

The Frieling French Press Coffee Maker is a terrific technique to keep coffee grounds away from your cup. The unique 2-stage filtration technology ensures a sediment-free cup of coffee.

The double-wall construction ensures years of hot coffee or tea. Body and lid are insulated and retain heat better than Glass. The use of 18/10 stainless steel eliminates the need for fractured glass or rust.

The greatest hotels and restaurants use the Frieling french press, coffee maker. An excellent cup of coffee may be made with this Press in just a few minutes.

Pour 2 tbsp of ground coffee per cup of water into the French Press. Adjust the level of coffee to suit your taste. Fill your French Press with slightly chilled water. Slowly press the nozzle down on the cup after the coffee has brewed for four minutes.

Frieling has specialized in new ideas since 1988. That means creating and sourcing high-quality products with passion. The goal of Frieling is to help their clients. Nobody wants to be offered another product. Their simple objective is to solve a problem in a new way.


  • Long-lasting
  • Attractive Design
  • Superior Thermal Retention
  • Excellent Coffee Flavor


  • Expensive
  • Easily Stained and Smudged Finish
  • Heavy Compared to Other Models.

5. Best Durable: IdylcHomes Kona French Press Coffee Maker

Best Durable: IdylcHomes Kona


  • Protective Black Shell for the Glass
  • Stainless-Steel Filter
  • French Press Coffeemaker
  • Large Comfortable Handle

Product Description

Essential oils from every tea leaf or coffee bean can be extracted and brewed in a single glass carafe and guaranteed to transform any average cup of coffee into a gourmet coffee delight or your money back.

The outer shell of the 34 oz borosilicate glass coffee pitcher is eye-catching and protects the pitcher from chips and breaks. Unlike other French press frames made of thin metal that rust and do nothing to protect the glass carafe from breaking.

It is made of high-quality stainless steel and boasts a BPS / BPA-free cover that prevents any plastic from coming into touch with your hot or iced cold-brewed tea while steeping.

A rubber plunger knob makes removing the stainless-steel filter screen and replaces it with a new one. Quiet and non-electrical work situations are ideal.

The compact coffeemaker is the perfect space saver for your car, hotel, trekking, and camping.


  • Reasonably Priced
  • Ergonomic
  • Protective Outer Shell
  • Contemporary, Lightweight Design


  • Only Two Size Possibilities

6. Bodum Brazil French Press: Best Value

Bodum Brazil French Press


  • 34 oz., Black Stainless Steel
  • Coffee and Tea Maker
  • Bodum Brazil French Press

Product Description

Brazil French Press Coffee Maker by Bodum is one of our favorites. Designed in the 1980s, this coffee maker is an eco-friendlier option because it doesn’t require the use of filters or pods, which other coffee makers do. For tea, it’s a fantastic option as well.

The Brazil French Press has a 34-ounce capacity and comprises BPA-free materials and dishwasher-safe parts. The beaker is composed of heat-resistant borosilicate glass that is light in weight.

Other models have shatter-proof materials, but this beaker is fragile. The spiral plate maintains the filter mesh in place, preventing coffee grinds from slipping into your cup of joe.

The most affordable French Press on our list is made in Europe and won’t break the budget.


  • Very Low Cost
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Sleek Glass Design


  • Low Heat Retention
  • Expensive Replacement Glass Beaker

7. Best-Equipped: Veken French Press

Best-Equipped: Veken French Press


  • 4 Filter Screens
  • Coffee Press in Stainless Steel
  • BPA-Free, Copper Encased Borosilicate Glass

Product Description

The Veken French press has many features, especially considering its low price. French press coffee maker kits include various tools that aren’t included with other coffee press models.

These include a fancy wooden mixing spoon for mixing ingredients, a cleaning wand for wiping down the coffee press, and a battery-powered milk frother for stirring up cafe-style drinks such as lattes and cappuccinos.


  • Excellent Pricing
  • Attractive Style
  • Additional Features are all included in one product.


  • Cheap QualityLow Heat Retention
  • Expensive Replacement Glass Beaker

8. Pukomc French Press Coffee Tea Maker

Pukomc French Press Coffee Tea Maker


  • Coffee Press with 4 Filters
  • Made of Stainless Steel.
  • There are no grounds.
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Removable Heat Resistant

Product Description

Effective, professional 4 stage filtering technology can reduce the number of residual grounds in a couple of minutes using two tiers of filter screens and two different filter screens.

Borosilicate glass thickened is a better choice since it is more resistant to breakage, has clear capacity indicators, and is easier to clean.

The Pukomc French Press Coffee Machine (BPA-free plastic lid strainer, 304 stainless plates of steel, and high-quality thermal resistant Glass).

Many beverages can be brewed using Pukomc French press coffee, including Espresso, Coffee Cappuccino, and Almond Milk.

Serving 4 to 8 people, the 34-ounce large size is ideal for parties. The French presses from Pukomc come packaged beautifully and would make a lovely present for friends and family.


  • 4 Level Filtration System French Press
  • Keep Hot Longer and Easy Cleaning
  • Healthy and Safe Materials
  • Multiple Functions
  • Ideal Gift


  • Easily Cracked

9. Best High-End: Espro Coffee French Press P7

Best High-End: ESPRO P7


  • Stainless Steel Polished
  • 32-Ounce Brewing System
  • Insulated Stainless Steel Coffee and Tea Maker
  • Double Walled

Product Description

Make your kitchen your favorite location to get coffee with the Espro Press P7’s distinctive design, which makes it easy to brew cafe-worthy coffee.

In contrast to conventional presses, the innovative double micro-filter maintains your cup exceptionally clean of sludge and grit; leave no sip behind!

By pressing the filter, you end the extraction process and prevent your coffee from becoming bitter. The final cup has the same flavor as the first.

Your brew will stay hot for hours because of the double-walled stainless steel, which will never crack. Savor each sip of your morning brew at your own pace.

Built to last a lifetime of brewing; Made to last a lifetime as your go-to French Press. A 32-ounce press makes enough for 3-4 persons. Steel with a high-gloss finish; Phthalate, BPA, and BPS-free


  • Exceptional Heat Retention
  • Less Sediment in the Cup’s Bottom
  • Sleek Design.
  • No More Bitterness


  • Difficult to Clean
  • Smaller Capacity
  • More Expensive

10. Best Dishwasher Safe: Stanley French Press

Best Dishwasher Safe: Stanley French Press


  • Stainless Steel Wide Mouth
  • Coffee Press Large Capacity
  • Double Vacuum Insulation
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Ergonomic Handle

Product Description

This French Press features double vacuum insulation so that you can enjoy a hot cup of joe anywhere you go for up to 4 hours while making it. It has a 9-hour cold retention time.

To provide the best possible insulation, designers used two layers of 18/8 stainless steel, which is naturally free of BPA. As sturdy as the wire mesh is, it’s fine enough to keep the dirt out of your cup.

Because designers don’t want you to spend time cleaning, the French Press is dishwasher safe.

The French Press is an excellent way to start your day with a delicious cup of coffee. Add some coffee grounds some hot water, and let it steep for about five minutes before pressing the plunger.

Since 1913, they have committed to providing dependable, long-lasting food and beverage storage solutions. A lifetime warranty is included with all Stanley equipment purchased from a Stanley Reseller.


  • Make Now, Drink Later
  • Tough and Durable
  • Easy to Clean
  • Lifetime Warranty


  • Fragile and Strained Display

11. Kitchenexus Stainless Steel French Press

Kitchenexus Stainless Steel French Press Coffee Maker


  • Stainless-Steel Coffee Press and Tea Brewing System.
  • Kitchenexus 304 French Press Coffee Maker
  • 4 Filter Screens 32oz/ 1000ML
  • Portable Glass Coffee Press
  • Ideal for Camping and Traveling

Product Description

It’s the perfect way to start the day: with the Kitchenexus French Press Coffee Maker, you’ll be able to enjoy a cup of coffee with an extraordinarily smooth and pure flavor thanks to the glass pot.

The smallest coffee grounds can be captured using a 4-Layered 304 stainless steel filter screen. Cleaning the filter screen is a breeze. Espresso with a more refined flavor can be achieved by stacking several screens together.

The borosilicate glass, which can endure boiling water, heat-resistant and explosion-proof, is used in the glass coffee press machine.

You can’t go wrong with a stainless-steel French press for your morning cuppa joe. Making cold brew or espresso is also a breeze with this. The capacity of the Measures is 34 ounces, which measures 5.5 x 8.5 inches. There is nothing more convenient than a French press for camping, picnic, office, or trip.

 A single cup of coffee may be made in only four simple steps. Add boiling water to the carafe, add coarse grinds, and let it steep for a few minutes before straining. The French coffee press is an excellent gift for those who enjoy a coffee or tea.


  • The Best Cup of Tea You’ll Ever Sip.
  • Excellent Value for Money.
  • Intuitive Yet Powerful


  • The Top Becomes Wet.

Important Factors to Bear in Mind

Types of French Press Coffee Makers 

Mechanically, French press coffee makers all have the same basic design: an overflowing cup of hot water, followed by a plunger mechanism with a mesh filter that you push down once the water has extracted all the grounds.

The most important considerations are frequently differences in materials and aesthetics, such as the vibrant Bodum Chambord or the slickly futuristic Fellow Clara. You can mix and match materials and design styles to create your French Press with models that come in numerous materials.

Parts and Components

It has a plunger and a filter. Some high-end presses, including the Espro P7 and the Fellow Clara, use fine mesh filters to reduce the natural silty coffee sludge at the bottom.

It’s a wonderful benefit, but it won’t eliminate the fine grinds, Cho says, because a screen fine enough to filter them out would be tough to plunge.


For a French press, quantity is variable, unlike many other countertop coffee brewing techniques. That is, a four-cup version may easily make one cup. Consider a larger model if you occasionally serve large parties of coffee.

It’ll also work for one-time. Rather than counting the number of cups, consider how many ounces the Press makes. For example, an “eight-cup” version often yields 32-34 ounces (less than three Starbucks “tall” coffees) of coffee.


Choosing the right material for your French press coffee maker is critical. Glass is classic: it looks good, is easy to clean, and makes delicious coffee.

It can be a recipe for disaster for the clumsy, especially if you’re drinking. Plastic is more robust than stainless steel, although readily damaged and clouded.

“It’ll be ugly,”

Cho says

However, they cannot be put in the dishwasher due to their double-walled construction.

“Something that holds heat better will be more reliable,”

Says Kasperowicz

Stainless steel isn’t highly insulating, but double-walled French presses are. Single-walled models lose heat faster, so start with hotter water to account for the coffee’s rapid cooling.


The Glass that is prone to breakage Doesn’t hold up as well as plastic or stainless-steel presses when traveling. Your coffee will stay hot thanks to the double-walled stainless steel insulation.

It is ideal for cold mornings spent camping or anywhere else where the chill can cool your coffee more rapidly.


The beauty of the French Press is that you don’t have to delve into the nitty-gritty details of coffee-water ratio, grind size, water temperature, method, and more. Using only the essentials of beans, water, and time, you can create a delicious cup of coffee.

The French press method is easy to use, inexpensive, and portable. You can get one for $25, which makes them ideal for camping or holidays because they don’t need power like a drip coffee machine.

Best Coffee Sip Editorial

We deeply appreciate the profound impact a superb cup of coffee can have. Beyond being a mere beverage, it embodies a sensory journey that tantalizes the taste buds, enlivens the senses, and provides solace in our everyday routines. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team of dedicated professionals embarks on a mission to empower you in refining your coffee brewing prowess. Drawing upon our expertise, we aim to guide you in discovering the optimal equipement and techniques that will elevate your coffee experience to unprecedented heights.

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