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11 Best Low Acid Coffee Brands in 2023 – Review

Every morning, tens of millions of people switch to making their favorite strong beverage to start their day. However, did you know that drinking coffee frequently might harm your teeth and digestive system? Yes, you read that accurately.

Coffee is acidic, and the esophagus’s natural relaxation properties could be causing some significant problems, such as acid reflux, in your daily cup of joe.

Some people have sensitive stomachs, making drinking coffee in the morning a love/ hate experience.

The good news is that if you know what to look for, you don’t have to settle for coffee that makes you sick to your stomach and makes your throat sore.

We want to help you find the best low-acid coffee for your daily routine and wake you up with the best quiet-acid coffee on the market.

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Top 11 Picks for Best Low Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

Volcanica Low Acid Coffee Blend

Spirit Animal IHCAFE-90 and Lempira

Black Ink Coffee- Maineiac Blend Whole Beans Low Acid

Puroast Low Acid Whole Bean Specialty Coffee

Mommee Coffee Low Acid Blend- Best Decaf

Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast

Bulletproof Medium- Roast Organic Coffee

Mastermind Coffee Low-Acid- Brain Enhancing Espresso Roast

 trucup Low-Acid Coffee

 Tieman’s Fusion Coffee Low-Acid

1. Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee

Lifeboost Low Acid Coffee


  • Low acid USDA Organic
  • Single Origin Whole Bean Coffee
  • 12-Ounce Bag
  • Non-GMO Whole Beans Coffee
  • Third-Party Tested for Mycotoxins and Pesticides

Product Description

Buy the best after you’ve tried everything else; Organic whole bean low acid coffee from Lifeboost Non-GMO. Non-GMO is a flavorful choice. The beans are sun-dried and then rinsed with spring water. A fresh, unadulterated cup of coffee can be yours.

Single Origin Acid-Free Coffee is grown at a high altitude in the mountains of Central America, and the farms the company partner with are all bird-friendly. Each coffee bean is carefully picked to assure purity.

As a result, many people have stomach upset or tooth problems after drinking coffee. The low acid coffee beans, on the other hand, provide all the fantastic health advantages of coffee without any unpleasant side effects.

Once you’ve had a taste of this organic whole bean coffee, you won’t be able to go back to your regular cup of Joe. It’s been tested for mycotoxins, heavy metals, pesticides, and 400 other toxins.


  • It’s Worth Every Penny
  • It’s Truly Non-Acidic
  • A Rich, Silky Cup of Joe


  • Typical Stomach Ache

2. Volcanica Low Acid Coffee Blend


  • Tangerine, Chocolate, and Nuts
  • Medium Roast
  • Washed Process
  • Certified by the Kosher Food and Beverage Institute
  • Arabica Coffee from Brazil and Sumatra

Product Description

Volcanica Coffee is a major online coffee bean supplier that supplies some of the highest gourmet coffee products on the market.

Volcanica’s wide range of whole bean selections comes from the world’s top growing regions, especially those with rich volcanic soil, which is recognized for producing high-quality beans.

The blend is made from naturally low acid beans, so it doesn’t need to be dark roasted to qualify as low acid. The beans come from low-altitude farming locations like Brazil and Sumatra.

This superb blend’s unique flavor profile is delicious and pleasant on the stomach.


  • A Cost-Effective Choice
  • Strong, Smooth Caffeine Kick with a Rich Flavor
  • Natural Low-acidity
  • Value for Money
  • Three Grind Sizes to Choose


  • A Blend’s Flavor might be Unpredictable
  • It Spoils More Quickly

3. Spirit Animal IHCAFE-90 and Lempira

Spirit Animal IHCAFE-90 and Lempira


  • Specialty-Grade
  • It’s as good as it Gets.
  • Low Acidity and a Healthy Diet

Product Description

As one farmer at a time, the company aims to improve the lives of the people of Honduras. Founded in 2020, the company has already made a name in the specialty coffee market.

In the cup, you’ll notice a honey and strawberry aroma. It has a supple feel to it in the cup. Raisins and brown sugar are prominent flavor components.

Several varieties from San Sebastian, Lempira, Honduras go into this blend. The medium roast of these organically sourced beans results from their natural processing.

Spirit Animal is a coffee roaster and importer that is on the rise. It consistently obtains great marks for its coffee. As a result, all of the coffees served by the company are sourced from farms using sustainable and organic methods.

Spirit Animal works with farmers to help them improve their farming and manufacturing practices, valuing their ties with them.


  • Clean and Healthy
  • Naturally Low-acidity
  • Ease on Stomach


  • Expensive

4. Black Ink Coffee- Maineiac Blend Whole Beans Low Acid

Maineiac Blend Whole Beans Low Acid


  • 12 Oz. Bag of Medium Roast Coffee
  • Whole Coffee Beans
  • Designed in Maine

Product Description

Drinking Black Ink Maineiac coffee is a lifestyle change. A pledge to cease doing the same thing again and over again. Let our medium roasted coffee beans re-energize you to pursue your dreams.

Nothing is unattainable in life, and you should never give up on your goals. Let the medium roast whole bean coffee guide your days.

The medium-roasted coffee beans are sourced directly from the small farms where they are grown, guaranteeing their freshness. 12 oz of the whole, rich, full-bodied coffee beans are packed into each bag and roasted to perfection in small batches.

Each bag is sealed with an airtight seal shortly after roasting, ensuring the freshest coffee possible. This medium roast Maineiac Blend is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a coffee with a sweet, smooth flavor profile.


  • Fresh Strong Coffee
  • Perfect Gifts for Coffee Lovers
  • Multiple Brewing Options


  • Medium Roasted Coffee

5. Puroast Low Acid Whole Bean Specialty Coffee

Puroast Whole Bean Specialty Coffee


  • Organic French Roast
  • High Anti-oxidant Whole Bean Coffee
  • Low Acidity Whole Bean Coffee

Product Description

Puroast is a fantastic alternative for coffee with lower acid content. Get rid of morning heartburn thanks to coffees that are 70% less acidic than the competition.

The anti-oxidant content of Puroast coffee is seven times higher than green tea and five times higher than ordinary coffee blends.

This blend contains only 100 percent certified beans and is one of the few organic coffees on the market that is certified “koshers,” meaning free of additives, gluten, and calories.

Additionally, this health-conscious espresso maker provides an in-depth study of the effects of its product on the human body.


  • Feel Better, Never Bitter
  • A Fantastic Low-acid Choice.


  • Smell/ Taste of Burnt Rubber

6. Mommee Coffee Low Acid Blend- Best Decaf

Low Acid Blend- Best Decaf


  • Organic Coffee
  • Fair Trade
  • Water Processed — 1oz.
  • Decaf, Low Acid Coffee

Product Description

This particular decaf, low-acid coffee is marketed to pregnant moms, so that’s something to consider. You can enjoy the familiarity of a cup of coffee without placing any strain on your body by drinking Mommee Coffee. That’s an important selling element, in our opinion.

Water processing is used to remove the caffeine, which uses no harsh chemicals and may be better for your health. Decaffeinated coffee tastes better and has more flavor as a result.

The decaffeination procedure adds a small premium to the price of decaf coffee. It’s the same with this one. It may be kind on your skin, but it’s not gentle on your bank account.


  • Water Processing
  • Designed Specifically for Expectant Mothers
  • Delivers Outstanding Flavor


  • Naturally Costly

7. Java Planet Organic Medium Dark Roast


  • Gourmet Medium Dark Roast
  • Colombian Single Origin
  • Organic Coffee Beans
  • 1 Pound Bag of Arabica Whole Bean Coffee
  • Certified Organic
  • Bird Friendly and Rainforest Alliance Non-GMO

Product Description

Colombian coffee’s taste and flavor profiles are like a ride on a roller coaster. A wide range of dark cacao and sweet, tangy fruits can be found in practically any Colombian coffee.

This coffee has a flowery and chocolatey flavor profile. You’ll notice hibiscus and spices on the front of your tongue. One’s taste will change into dark chocolate with a pecan aftertaste as one continues to consume. There’s only a slight acidity to this coffee despite the rich flavors.

If the flavors aren’t strong enough, a slight acidity can become monotonous. On the other hand, you wouldn’t describe Colombian from Java Planet as boring. The cup is well-balanced, accessible, and thrilling.

It goes well with snacks such as peanuts and cookies. The Colombian Organic coffee from Java Planet is perfect for a morning cup or afternoon pick-me-up. Its audacity is sure to brighten your day!


  • Assorted Roasts from Medium to Dark are Available
  • The Date of Roasting is Marked on each Bag
  • Exclusive Usage of Pesticide-free Arabica Coffee Beans


  • With Little Acid, Flavors can be Flat or Subdued.
  • Non-Pre-ground for those without a Grinder

8. Bulletproof Medium- Roast Organic Coffee

Bulletproof Medium- Roast Coffee


  • Authentic Arabica Ground Coffee
  • 12 oz. Medium Roast
  • Bulletproof Keto Compatible
  • Rainforest Alliance Certified Clean Coffee
  • Guatemala, Colombia, and El Salvador sourced

Product Description

Because Bulletproofs Premium Medium Roast was so expensive, it couldn’t compete for one of our top rankings. This is still another option worth considering when it comes to the essentials.

In small batches, low-acid Arabica beans are used to make this beverage. Although the caffeine content is low, the coffee has a delicious, smooth flavor. It’s one of those things you adore.

If you want a high-quality product, you’ll have to pay a lot more than our top recommendations. This is a fantastic cup of joe at a price that should only be reserved for exceptional coffee. That was enough to lower it to fourth place in the rankings.


  • Great Flavor
  • Arabica Beans
  • Smooth


  • Pretty Expensive

9. Mastermind Coffee Low-Acid- Brain Enhancing Espresso Roast

Low-Acid- Brain Enhancing Espresso Roast


  • Alkaline Sprout
  • Organic Low Acid Coffee
  • Mood-Boosting Espresso Roast

Product Description

Regular coffee is highly acidic, leading to brain fog, stomach aches, and other symptoms. The decreased acidity of espresso makes it ideal for people sensitive to conventional coffee’s effects on their stomachs or acid reflux.

You’ll be able to think more clearly with a cup of organic coffee that’s better for you. If you’re preparing for that major project or your finals, you’ll be able to feel clever and perform at your best, thanks to this Low Acidity Espresso Roast.

Additionally, researchers test all of their coffee for mold to ensure that you get only the purest beans.

Mastermind’s nootropic benefits provide you with a long-lasting energy boost throughout the day. This dark espresso roast is robust, flavorful, and freshly roasted. There is a noticeable difference in the quality of Mastermind Coffee, no matter how you drink your coffee.


  • Deliciously Invigorating for the Mind and Memory Boosting
  • Enhanced Vitality and Health
  • Improvements in Cognitive Function


  • The Coffee is not the same as the old one in the New Packaging.

10. Trucup Low-Acid Coffee

trücup Low Acid Coffee


  • Heart of Bold
  • Dark Roast Medium Grind
  • Drip Coffee Makers
  • Low Acid Coffee

Product Description

The Heart of Bold mix by trucup is a medium-dark roast coffee with a rich, full-bodied flavor. Since the coffee beans have less acidity, they may be roasted to produce an intense cup of joe that’s easy on the stomach while still delivering a consistent, powerful flavor.

To eliminate the naturally existing tannic and fatty acids from each coffee bean, the natural water and steam technique is used to smooth out the flavor of each cup blend.

As a result, the coffee has a lower acidity, making it easier on the stomach. Irritable stomach, GERD, peptic ulcers, and gastritis sufferers will benefit greatly from drinking quiet acid coffee.

The Heart of Bold mix is ideal for drip coffee makers with flat bottoms and cones and pour-over brewers. Filling eco-friendly coffee pods with a medium drip grind is also excellent for this grind.


  • Smooth, Low Acid Coffee
  • Medium Drip Grind


  • Expensive

11. Tieman’s Fusion Coffee Low-Acid

Low Acid Dark Roast Coffee


  • Fusion Coffee
  • Low Acid Dark Roast
  • Ground 10-oz bag

Product Description

In this scenario, Tieman’s Fusion Coffee incorporates Matcha Green Tea, Rooibos Red Tea, and Goji berry powders into the beverage.

First, they use only Arabica beans from Guatemala and Ecuador, with a healthy dose of Colombian beans thrown in for good measure. They combine and roast the ingredients to their optimal potential for a low-acid brew.

Matcha green tea powder is believed to give you an energy boost that lasts 5 to 7 hours, while Rooibos Red Tea calms the stomach and Goji berry powder is anti-inflammatory.

Tieman’s Fusion Coffee has five times as many anti-oxidants as the average person needs in a day. In their own words, “coffee first” is what they still offer, and they’re proud of it.

When it comes to this beverage, the additives enhance, rather than obscure, the natural coffee characteristics.


  • More Anti-oxidants than Pure Coffee
  • The Teas and Goji Berries provide Additional Health Advantages.
  • Rich, Full-bodied Taste and Creamy Texture.
  • Available both in Pre-ground or Whole Bean.


  • Expensive Additions make Pure Coffee more Expensive.

Buyer’s Guide: Finding the Best Low-Acid Coffee Brand

With our top low-acid coffee picks in hand, it’s time to make a decision. One individual may find a cup of coffee flavorless and harsh, while another may find it one of the best things they’ve ever had. Here are a few hints from our team for low-acid coffee.


Beans are the first step in making low-acid coffee. There is no miraculous procedure to lessen the acidity in coffee. It’s there for good if it gets in there.

Low-acid coffees are often made with two types of beans. Arabica beans are the first. These beans have their origins in Arabia but are currently cultivated all across the globe. Arabica beans are often touted as the source of low-acidity coffees.

It’s not a bean that makes a difference, but the place where it’s cultivated. Lower-altitude coffee beans tend to have lower acid content because the plants are less stressed at lower elevations.

Low-acid coffee can benefit from using Hawaiian Arabica beans cultivated in valleys. However, low-altitude coffee-growing regions can be found all over the world. Low-elevation beans for low-acid coffee are well-sorted in Brazil.

Length of Roast

The more time we spent roasting a batch of coffee beans, the darker the final product. Roasting at a lighter level brings out more of the coffee’s natural characteristics, such as its berry and floral undertones.

Instead, dark roasts give robust and even bitter aromas with hints of caramel and chocolate.

Grounds vs. Beans

Next, think about how you like your coffee and if you’re picky or impatient about the process. People who are meticulous about their coffee prefer to get whole bean form.

They’re appealing to everyone who desires to prepare coffee differently than with a drip machine since you may control the coarseness or fineness of the grounds. Because of this, it’s best to buy whole beans if you can.

Most people don’t care about the quality of their coffee, so pre-ground is a perfect option for those who are in a hurry and don’t have a fancy drip machine.

Because all the main manufacturers that sell coffee by the tub grind their beans for drip makers, these grounds are generally less expensive. Beans pre-processed and exposed to direct sunlight get stale far more quickly than the ground from whole beans.


Investing in high-quality low-acid coffee is a worthwhile investment. Higher-priced coffee beans tend to be better quality since they are farmed and marketed with greater care. A little extra money can go a long way regarding low-acid coffee.

Benefits of Low Acid Coffee

Those with hypersensitive stomachs and those without can benefit from consuming less acidic coffee.

Better for Your Stomach

Several stomach ailments are exacerbated by high acidity coffee.

Drinking coffee with high acidity levels can cause heartburn and gastroesophageal reflux, two conditions in which your stomach creates and redirects more acid to the belly and esophagus.

If you’re a regular coffee drinker, selecting beans with low acidity is preferable.

Better for Your Teeth

Your teeth’ outer layer, known as tooth enamel, serves as a barrier against things like biting, chewing, crunching, and grinding. Coffee’s acidity weakens the enamel of your teeth, making them more susceptible to breakage.

Also, a lack of enamel can make you more vulnerable to high temperatures. When exposed to extreme cold or hot liquids, many people experience shooting pain in their teeth’ roots.

Low-acid coffee is an excellent approach to protecting your teeth from the acid included in regular coffee.

Final Thoughts

Each of the coffee brands of Best Low-Acid Coffee on this list is perfect for folks who have trouble digesting certain types of coffee. When it comes to the coffee world, it’s hard to tell which one is the greatest for each individual.

You’ll have to experiment on your own to find a flavor and pH balance that works best for you. Fortunately, there are so many excellent coffee mixes and specialty coffees that are lower in acidity.’

No matter the coffee mix you choose, you’re sure to be astonished by how fantastic your stomach feels after a few cups. Resuming coffee consumption, this time without apprehension is high time!

Best Coffee Sip Editorial

We deeply appreciate the profound impact a superb cup of coffee can have. Beyond being a mere beverage, it embodies a sensory journey that tantalizes the taste buds, enlivens the senses, and provides solace in our everyday routines. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, our team of dedicated professionals embarks on a mission to empower you in refining your coffee brewing prowess. Drawing upon our expertise, we aim to guide you in discovering the optimal equipement and techniques that will elevate your coffee experience to unprecedented heights.

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