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12 Best Small Coffee Maker of 2023

Do you want to find the best small coffee maker? This article will cover the most popular features that people are looking for when they buy a small coffee maker. Our best small coffee Makers guide is full of helpful information, and it’s written in an easy-to-understand way so that anyone can learn about these machines!

The Best Small Coffee Maker – Top 12 Picks

Table of Content

  1. Keurig K-Mini Plus Maker Single Serve
  2. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single-Serve
  3. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker
  4. Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker
  5. Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker
  6. Black Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker
  7. Single Cup Coffee Maker
  8. Cuisinart Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker
  9. Brentwood Single Cup Coffee Maker
  10. Keurig K15 Mini Plus
  11. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Drip Brewer
  12. T-Disc Single Cup Machines

1. Keurig K-Mini Plus Maker Single-Serve K-Cup Pod Coffee Brewer

Keurig K-Mini Plus Small Coffee Maker

Product Description

Whenever it did come to brewing cappuccino, Keurig became a trusted brand. This small coffee maker has a great deal to offer, particularly given its small size, with other K-products.

It is 5 inches wide, and you can make space for such a little piece of technology even if you have a small kitchen or live in a major college closet room. It includes a trash bag with a capacity of 9 K-pods so that users can have numerous ready.

Users can brew 6-12 Oz of coffee now; fill in the tank as much as possible. The reservoir can be removed for easy cleaning. You can also set the machine and make a particularly strong brew.

The unit is equipped with a simple drip tray for waste. Remove the drip pot, which is wonderful if users fill a cup with more space to put up to six inches high.

Human beings do this because it shifts off immediately a minute and a half after brewing.

Although this coffee machine doesn’t start taking up much space, you may choose to keep it someplace out of the way if you don’t use it. If so, tuck the wire behind the unit carefully, and it won’t get tangled.


  • Superior for small portions
  • Last space saver
  • feature Providing pod storing
  •  Faster and easier


  • Ineffective if you want to start preparing multiple portions immediately.

2. Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker (49981A)

Hamilton Beach Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Product Description

 When you need a quick mug of coffee, this device is optimal for brewing it exactly the way guys like it. You could use the daring location instead of the drip irrigation set if you want a more noticeable flavor.

When using a scoop fabric filter, it is simple to determine the correct number of grounds. (It is recommended that you load foundations to the smallest connection on the filtration system to prevent them from overflowing.)

When it comes to coffee, unless you’re a devoted drinker who doesn’t want to waste time waiting for a cup, you’ll be happy to know that this device brews quickly.

In much less than a minute and a half, you could have an 8-ounce cup of coffee ready. Start preparing a 14-ounce cup of coffee in approximately two and a half minutes.

This tiny coffee maker has several notable ways, including an automatic power outage, a built-in mug hold, and a drainage tray to catch any small spills.

The above unit will not brew without liquid, so don’t be concerned if you accidentally turn it on when you’ve filled the tank with boiling water. Apart from that, you can modify the device’s cup size to ensure that the lip of the cup is placed as close to the distributing nozzle as potential.

Unusually enough, the Good Housekeeping Institute recognized this small coffee pot with its 2012 Good Housekeeping Very Created The idea award.


  • Fast fermenting
  • Automatic shutdown
  • Schedule Effective and Bold Aroma Configuration


  • Not good with particularly good grounds, because this can contribute to overflows

3. Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker, 17 Ounce

Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker 17 Ounce

This spill coffee maker exudes sophistication thanks to its detailed look. It’s simple to use and needs to take up minimal space on your desk. Furthermore, it is equipped with a stable filter.

The maximum capacity of this small coffee maker is 17 Oz, which is slightly over two 8-ounce cups. Fortunately, Bodum tends to make two separate variants of it, each weighing 34 Oz’s and 51 ounces, including both, to accommodate larger hands.

Small pour-overs have gotten rave reviews because they are inexpensive and limited whenever it comes to maintenance. Immediately eliminate the cork/rubber band and put it in the dishwasher to complete the process.

Customers expressed some reservations about the product’s quality (cashing or trying to break) in their feedback. However, with mass-produced items, it is normal to receive some negative feedback.


  • Look well designed 
  • safe sections through the dishwasher
  • Simple use and clean


  • Small Ability (unless you opt for one of the larger models)

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4. Casara Single Serve Coffee Maker with Programmable Timer and LCD

Coffee Maker with Programmable Timer and LCD

Product Description

Such a small form factor configurable coffee maker seems to be a top destination because it mixes coffee reasonably and is small in size.

It can be a wonderful addition to every kitchen cabinet, apartment, or break room, among other places. Its recyclable mesh filter helps to reduce waste while also allowing you to avoid focusing on a coffee pod.

It is possible to configure the device to brew as often as you want, up to 24 hours ahead of time, using the LCD. The storage tank has a capability of 14 ounces, as well as the device comes with a plastic cup with the capacity of the same.


  • A great lifestyle
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Configurable for brewing if you like


  • Not all clients were happy with this item, as could be expected. However, the comments reveal no accurate reports of serious deficiencies

5. Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip Coffee Maker, Black and Stainless Steel

Capresso 5-Cup Mini Drip

Product Description

The above coffee maker is extremely simple, making it ideal for travel. The glass carafe can hold up to 5 cups of liquid, making it suitable for serving one or two people at a time.

Using a reusable filter can save money while also eliminating the hassle of maintaining a stock of paper sensors.

Numerous customers appreciate that this coffee maker is configurable, which gives them the freedom to choose the brewing time that is most convenient for them without having to think about it.

A multi-nozzle scheme extensively and evenly compresses the grounds, gaining the confidence of their taste to a heightened level.

You can also stop the drip while the coffee is brewing to spill your 1st cup. In addition, the pour spew is drip-free, which helps to prevent spillage.

Furthermore, maintaining the brew hot is straightforward and stress-free. The pot remains on for 2 hours to keep the coffee warm, after which it auto shuts off.


  • Customizable
  • Takes a moment to brewing
  • Hot stay for two hours


  • Just a few people complaining about the quality not being as high as intended.

6. Best Budget: Black Decker 5-Cup Coffeemaker

Best Budget Small Coffee Maker

Product Description

It is a tiny, inexpensive coffee maker that doesn’t even have many bells and whistles, yet it creates a decent cup of coffee. There is enough coffee in the decanter to last the entire morning or to start sharing with a friend or family member.

It runs with a straightforward on/off switch that illuminates to indicate that the coffee machine is operational. The heater will keep the decanter warm for as wide a range as the coffee maker is running. However, there is no auto-off component to take some advantages.

Avoid making a mess. The carafe has been designed for adjustable managing and drip-free pouring. In addition, the lid is entirely easy to clean after the coffee has been consumed.

If you cannot put it on hold for the first cup, this will stop the brewery process and allow you to spill a cup without trying to make a Quelle. Because a perpetual filter gets filled, you’ll never have to worry about running out of paper filters.

Sneak-a-Cup Feature

Such a component momentarily prevents the flow of coffee, allowing you to spill your 1st cup even before the brewing process is completed without creating a mess.

Space-Saving Compact Design

Ideal for small spaces such as residences, RVs, dorms, and people who only drink a small amount of coffee.

Permanent Grounds Filter Included

There is no need to use paper filters anymore because the perpetual filter works with one’s favorite coffee beans and is simple to maintain.

Lighted On/ Off Switch

For convenience, a one-touch connection is achieved, as is an on/off alert for extra peace of mind.


  • Dense
  • Good drip coffee
  • Inexpensive
  • Compartment Storage Cord


  • Small Output
  • No Auto Shutdown

7. Single Cup Coffee Maker for Most Capsule Pod Ground Coffee

Coffee Maker for Most Capsule Pod Ground Coffee

Product Description

The above approach allows you to reheat a cup of coffee in a short amount of time and is compatible with a wide range of K-cups. However, because of the fixed filter, it is also possible to use coffee beans.

The storage tank can hold between six and fourteen ounces of water. When you’ve filled the tank with water and packed the filter paper, all you must do is push a button to start brewing your coffee. The device will quickly begin preparing your cup and will immediately shut off when it is finished.

The whole unit is equipped with a tray that can be easily removed and cleaned. Usually, a thorough rinsing underwater flow is all that is required.

Despite the machine’s small size, it should be ready to cater to most cups and mugs.

This small device is perfect for taking with you wherever you go. Make sure to take it with you on your next camping trip or keep it in the RV. It’s also a good fit for any type of kitchen layout.


  • Fast brewing
  • Easier One-Touch Operation
  • Auto shut


  • Do not keep it warm after making coffee

8. Best for Office: Cuisinart Compact Single Serve Coffee Maker

Best for Office Cuisinart Compact Single Serve

Product Description

When the incorrect machine is used, office coffee can become a contentious issue. Who is in charge of cleaning the thing? Who will be responsible for brewing the next package?

The Cuisinart SS-5, on the other hand, eradicates hassle and uncertainty while also freeing up valuable counter space in the mess hall.

Because it is a single objective, you will receive your coffee much more quickly than you would with a drip machine, and you will always obtain your new favorite blend.

There are also three different drink sizes to choose from 6, 8, and 10 ounces. The model is equipped with K-Cups, making the entire process, particularly clean up, much more efficient and convenient.

The 40-ounce water tank is quite large, so guys won’t have to go to the sink as frequently as you might otherwise. Customers have reported that the item leaks from around the center, though some have said that they did not have this problem with their purchase.

Another thing to consider is the amount of waste generated by pod-based coffee makers, which is especially important when used in office settings.

Confirm out Keurig’s reuse K-Cups; users can replace them with their beloved ground coffee and use them again and again to make the same delicious (and fast) cup of Joe every time.


  • Multiple drink sizes
  • Detachable reservoir
  • K-Cups and ground coffee are suitable
  • Turning off the power automatically


  • Susceptible to leaking
  • Coffee grounds are frequently found in the cup.

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9. Brentwood Single Cup Coffee Maker

Bentwood Single Cup Machine

Product Description

The Brentwood Single Cup Coffee machine has a futuristic design that will look more like something from Star Trek. Each curved space-age layout in red and black is remarkable.

The storage tank needs to open also at the top; however, the device is only 7″ long, which is no problem with most kitchens.

You do not need a degree in physics to make it work because the machine is properly installed. The on/off click on the side is everything you need to do.

The power line adapter for the storage tank and sensors is at the top due to its space-saving structure. You are good to go as long, even though you have a few centimeters above the coffee maker. You can also raise the tray for washing.


  • Ideal for individuals
  • Comfortable space saver


  • Hard to fit a conventional coffee cup underneath it

10. Keurig K15 Mini Plus

Keurig K15 Mini Plus

Product Description

That’s a very simple device, but it gets the job done well enough. Portability is the key to success when it comes to comparing this machine to other Keurig machines.

When tried to compare to certain other Keurig devices, this one has a more appealing design.

A great reason to purchase a coffee maker that accepts K-cups is that there are several different coffee retail outlets in K-cups – far more than it does in T-discs (see below) or Senseo capsules (see below).

The price of this device is one of its major drawbacks. It’s a hefty price to pay for a device that only has the most fundamental of coffee brewing capabilities.


  • Reliable
  • Simple and Easy
  • No Cleanup
  • Excellent Brew


  • It’s not Cheap

11. Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Drip Brewer (Programmable)

Mr. Coffee 4-Cup Drip Brewer

Product Description

Mr. Coffee’s 4-cup drainage brewer is the 3rd drip brewer, and it is the most affordable of the three.

Despite its small size, this mini coffee machine has a lot of useful information, including a scheduled brewery (you could indeed set it to drink the following morning).

Drip pause (which allows you to spill a cup before it is even finished brewing without which dripping across the hot plate), as well as the capacity to see the liquid level the front, which helps you avert over-pressurized the storage tank.

The above machine has generated many sales and multitudes of user reviews, most of which are positive. The best part is that this device is also reasonably priced.


  • Inexpensive
  • Quite Simple
  • Small and Long-Lasting
  •  Great Portable Design


  • Cheaply Made
  • Don’t Bother
  • Don’t Work Effectively

12. T-Disc Single Cup Machines: Tassimo T12

T-Disc Single Cup Coffee Machine

One of my favorite coffee makers is the Tassimo T55 in our home to use as our primary espresso machine. Besides the T20, and it is a little tinier, I’ve still had the T10.

This same T12 is the tiniest Tassimo machine available. It makes use of T-discs, but also, as you’ve seen, it’s a relatively small device with contemporary architecture.

Tassimo machines are our favorite since they are long-lasting (heavy, strong machines), and those who brew the receipt T-discs.

Each of these instant coffees contains a barcode, which the device reads, allowing it to reheat at a level sufficient and with the exact quantity of water for that particular beverage. It’s extremely handy, and the coffee is also brilliant (we like the Gevalia brand the most).


  • Little Espresso Maker
  • Work Quickly
  • Heat up Vastly
  • Great Compact Brewer


  • Don’t function frothing mil disc

Why use a Small Coffee Maker in the First Place?

Your guests or family members may not be as patient as you once you have them over or while visiting from out of town. To be honest, it’s simply faster and more convenient to have a machine complete the task.

If you have got a drip coffee maker, users can easily satisfy the needs of a large group of people. Users might push your eyeballs and try to persuade them to attempt a French press at the very least once their hunger has been satisfied, but when it comes to pure value, you can’t match the simplicity.

A further advantage of keeping a drip is that you can typically set a time limit to begin brewing while doing other things. It is possible to have coffee prepared when users wake up in the early morning if they do not have time to get ready.

Another cup of coffee that isn’t quite as good as the best you will ever have, but it’s nicer than nothing. Furthermore, the smell of freshly brewed coffee greets guests as you awaken, which helps to compensate for the taste.

What to Look for in a Small Coffee Maker


When a coffee maker is easy to maneuver does not imply that it has limited ability. Various space-saving choices can brew up to 14 cups of coffee (some can be found on this list).

Make a mental note of how much coffee you drink daily and the proportion of visitors who binge drink in one’s household.

If users make lots of coffee, a liquid coffee maker is usually the best option. Pour-overs, French presses, and pod-based machines are all good options if you only brew a cup or two of coffee per day yourself or even for guests.


When purchasing a dense coffee maker and when buying any form of espresso machine in general.

However, the pricing is unique in that tiny coffee makers could even range in price from $10 pour-over brewers to $300 espresso machines. Realizing your spending plan will assist you in narrowing down the numerous options.


Tiny coffee makers typically have fewer functionalities than their larger counterparts. The good news is that there are plenty of concepts associated with all kinds of rings and whistles, such as fully automated shutoffs.

More aggressive hardness settings, as well as temperature control that is consistent. Whether you’re looking beyond comfort, just be formulated to pay a higher price for more sophisticated designs.


What is Descaling?

In an electrified coffee maker, part of e is the tool for cleaning out mineral stains accumulated over time. The accumulation (also known as scale) may create problems such as the device not heating up enough and not working if untreated.

Numerous sellers offer descaling goods to make the process easier, but a straightforward mixture of vinegar and hot soapy water will suffice.

Check with the producer of your gadget to see how often it should be descaled; if not, the general rule would be to descale all so one to 3 months, depending on the model.

What is a 1-4 Cup Setting?

Numerous drip coffee machines have a 1-4 cup setup. It is created to ensure that narrower servings of coffee are continuously brewed.

Because drip devices are originally designed for drinking a full mug of coffee, the quantity of moisture that crosses through coffee grounds is most often insufficient when just only a few cups are needed.

As a result, the normal development of beer can be weak and watery in taste. In the model to correct for this, the 1-4 cup setup slows down the drip component and derivatives the grounds at a slower rate to accommodate a narrower pot of coffee.

What Grind Size Should I Use?

Investors of an Espresso machine, medium-ground coffee boots, should use moderate coffee boots during brewing. Fortunately, this is the basic grinding amount before coffee bags, so you can find that in and online.

The few using a French press or even an iced coffee brewing machine should stick to a rough grind. Eventually, espresso makers and mocha pots need a good effort to produce rich and audacious coffee.

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What is the Best Coffee-to-Water Ratio?

Even though you switch to a smaller coffee maker, the overall proportion of coffee to moisture condenses the same. This same Golden Ratio — a sentence used by baristas and other specialists on coffee — is 1 or 2 teaspoons of coffee per 6 ounces.

Beam exotic nature on the brewing machine you have; however, this is a prevalent point of departure. Professionals recommend weight rather than volume measurement of coffee as it enhances precision, if conceivable.

When you own a kitchen and would like to weigh the land and water, then for once each 15 to 18 grams of water, the Solid gold Ratio means 1 gram of coffee.

Can you make Iced Coffee with a Regular Coffee Maker?

Yes, to start making a cold brew, simply prepare a full portion of coffee as you would normally and allow it to cool totally. Hold it in a pot in the refrigerator, use it as required, or serve it over ice to achieve the strong “iced coffee” impact.

Would you please ensure that the pitcher is completely covered so that it does not soak up the odors from the refrigerator?

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If users don’t find what you’re going for, purchase for coffee makers could be tiring. There are several options, one for each special quality. Several brews quicker, a few mixes slower, but is it the just thing essential?

Unless you’re the sort of person who needs clients fix in the morning, users could also think hard for a long time. If so, many electrical designs can fill a bowl in seconds or just have coffee prepared to awake, but Keurig K-Mini Plus Single-Serve K-Cup Pod is the greatest of my choices.

If users enjoy the proper coffee routine and still wouldn’t want a big machine to fit in the kitchen, your velocity will be increased by small coffee makers using the French press. Immersion blenders from glass may well not also be a poor decision.

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