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How Many Calories Are in a Cup of Coffee

How Many Calories Are In A Cup Of Coffee? – Guide

A cup of coffee has one calorie, but this can vary a lot based on the blend, the size of the cup, and other things. This article will discuss how many calories are in a cup of coffee and other beverages.

Calories in Different Coffee Drinks

The number of calories in a coffee drink depends on the kind of coffee used, how much milk or cream is added, and if any sweeteners or flavors are added.

Understanding the calorie content of different coffee drinks can help individuals make informed choices about what to order when they visit a coffee shop or make coffee at home.

Also, knowing the calorie counts of different coffee beverages is essential for anyone trying to manage their weight or follow a healthy diet.

By choosing lower-calorie coffee options or adjusting the ingredients in their coffee drinks, individuals can enjoy their coffee while maintaining a balanced and healthy diet.

Here’s how many calories you’ll get from each glass:

Coffee BeveragesCalorie Content
Latte74 cal.
Cappuccino49 cal.
Mocha70 cal.
Black Coffee2 cal.
Americano15 cal.
Red-eye15 cal.
Cold Brew5 cal.
Bulletproof (Butter or Keto Coffee)364 cal.
Flat White222 cal.
Coffee Smoothie500 cal.
Affogato137 cal.
Instant Coffee300 cal.
Iced Coffee120 to 160 cal.
Hazelnut Coffee25 cal.
Flavored Coffee2 cal.
Cortado31 cal.
Macchiato30 cal.
Decaffeinated Coffee00 cal.
Drip Coffee5 cal.

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Calories in a Cup of Coffee Infographics

Calories in Different Types of Coffee Infographic

Calories in Alcoholic Coffee Drinks

Most alcoholic and caffeinated drinks contain a lot of sugar to mask the harsh flavor of alcohol (7 calories/gram) or the bitter taste of coffee. Many cocktails use coffee-flavored drinks with a lot of sugar, like Baileys and Kahlua.

Pure spirits, such as Vodka and Rum, cannot be consumed without consuming alcohol calories.

Here is the calorie count in different alcoholic coffee drinks:

  • Bailey’s Irish Cream Coffee: 114 cal.
  • Mexican Coffee: 2 cal.
  • Bavarian Coffee: 103 cal.
  • Spanish Coffee: 200 to 400 cal.
  • Cafe Don Juan: 274 cal.
  • Amaretto Coffee: 35 cal.
  • Café Brulot: 212 cal.

How Many Calories in Coffee with Whole Milk?

Full-fat milk, also called full-cream milk, has the most calories. In other words, that’s 23 calories in total.

How Many Calories Are in Soy Milk in Coffee?

It adds about 20 calories to coffee.

How Many Calories Are in Milk and Sugar in Coffee?

A teaspoon of sugar and a cup of coffee total 39 calories. With two teaspoons of full-fat milk and a cup of coffee, there are 55 calories.

How Many Calories in Coffee with Cream?

A single cup of coffee with cream adds 26 calories to the total.

What Is the Calorie Content of Coffee Creamer?

About 20 calories are in 1 tablespoon (15 mL) of coffee creamer.

How Many Calories Does a Coffee with Skimmed Milk Have?

A cup of coffee containing 1 ounce of skim milk has 12 calories (without sugar).

How Many Calories Does Coffee with Semi-Skimmed Milk Contain?

A cup of coffee with one ounce of semi-skimmed milk has 17 calories.


Coffee is a great way to start your day, but be aware of how many calories are in a cup of coffee. A medium coffee with cream and sugar can contain around 200 calories.

If you want to reduce your calorie intake, choose an unsweetened coffee.

Plain coffee has less than 5 calories. But milk, creamer, and sugar, added to many popular coffee drinks, are high in calories.

Drinking these drinks in moderation is fine, but you may eat too many calories if you drink too much.

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