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How to Make Espresso with Keurig

How to Make Espresso with Keurig

With the push of a button, Keurig coffee makers make great black coffee. But sometimes you’re craving espresso. How to act? We have an idea before you go to your favorite coffee shop.

The Keurig can make anything close to espresso. Here are the five easy steps on how to make espresso with Keurig. Get prepared for a delicious, strong cup of coffee.

5 Steps to Make Espresso with a Keurig


Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Choose a K-Cup
  2. Choose the Smallest Size
  3. Start the Brew
  4. Divide the Coffee into Espresso Cups
  5. Froth some Milk

Step 1- Choose a K-Cup

It would help if you tried to replicate as much of the espresso-making procedure used in traditional espresso machines when using a Keurig. The best coffee for espresso is dark or medium-dark roasting coffee that has been finely ground.

Many espresso K-cups make really good, strong coffee. Any K cup with a dark roast is also an option.

Step 2- Choose the Smallest Size

Espresso shots are typically 2 ounces and produced in a 1:2 ratio under high pressure. A Keurig can make coffee in cups as small as 6 ounces. You can also use the “Strong” button on some Keurig machines.

Keurig maintains the minimum amount of hot, ready-to-use water inside the device, so you can’t add 4 ounces of coffee to increase the brew size.

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Step 3- Start the Brew

The smallest brew size is 6 ounces, so place a cup under the brew head and hit the button. Press the Strong button on your Keurig machine if it has one. The Keurig machine will draw hot water and force it through the pod and into the cup beneath.

Step 4- Divide the Coffee into Espresso Cups

Since dark roast pods are best for making espresso, pour the ready-to-drink coffee into small cups to enjoy its strong flavor.

Step 5- Froth some Milk

You can froth some milk in a French press, a hand-held milk frother, or even a gallon jar if you want a coffee shop-style beverage like lattes or cappuccino.

Pour some warm milk into a French press and put the plunger on top. Plunge it up and down 50 to 60 times or until the volume doubles. Add this to your coffee shot, and enjoy!

If you’re using a mason jar, add milk, heat it without the lid, put the top on, and shake frantically to incorporate lots of air.

Which Keurig Coffee Makers Can Make Espresso?

At least four Keurig models claim to be able to make espresso coffee right now, but only one can. All other types must be thrown out because they were not made to put enough pressure on water to force it through ground coffee beans.

Because the Keurig Rivo and Keurig K-Café were made to make cappuccinos and lattes, both needing this kind of pressure, they can make this kind of pressure. The Rivo and the K-Café have more than enough pressure to make a great cup of espresso.

How to Make Espresso with a Keurig Rivo Maker

The steps you must follow to make espresso with a Rivo machine are as follows:

  1. Use a small-sized K-cup. It’s recommended to select a dark roast mix so your cup of espresso has the most taste possible. Espresso shots typically measure two ounces and require a 1:2 ratio of pressure during brewing. You’ll need to use a tiny technique to make it work because Keurig machines can only create 6-ounce-sized cups of coffee.
  2. To begin the brew, select the 6-ounce option on your Keurig device and press the Strong button if it has one.
  3. Get out several small espresso cups and divide the brewed coffee between them.
  4. Froth some milk by filling a French press with hot milk and then pressing the plunger down. Repeat this process 50 times or until thick foam forms. Then, to make your espresso even more delicious, add this froth.

How to Make Espresso with the Keurig K Café and K Latte

The Keurig K Cafe and K Latte machines’ “Espresso Shot” button generates less pressure than is necessary to make a true espresso. They extract less water, but their impact is comparable, so the result is essentially the same.

Learning how to brew espresso on one of these machines is a breeze, and the bonus is that you can make cappuccinos and lattes in a flash thanks to the integrated milk frother.

How to Make Espresso with other Keurig Machines

First and foremost, you must select a dark roast K-cup made especially for brewing espresso.

Then, pick the Strong button (if your machine has one) and the smallest brew amount (often 6 ounces).

Have two cups available, and only fill the first cup with the first 2oz (or 60ml) before switching to the second. This is our shot of “k-espresso.” The extra 4 ounces are thrown away or stored for a later cup of weaker coffee.

Lastly, before you drink your espresso, you can add foamed milk to it. You should use the built-in milk frother if your Keurig machine has one to create an incredible latte, flat white, or cappuccino.

The Difference Between Real Espresso and “Espresso” from a Keurig

The way a machine produces coffee makes the fundamental distinction between an actual espresso and the beverage you get from a Keurig.

A real espresso machine uses pressure to force hot water through, which speeds up the extraction process.

But Keurig works like a normal drip machine in that water slowly flows through the coffee. Because of this, it requires more time to extract the same amount of coffee grinds as a true espresso maker.

The way these two machines grind is also different. If you don’t know, the amount of flavor from coffee grounds is proportional to their surface area. A grind slightly finer than table salt is necessary for true espresso.

The grind used by Keurig machines is medium to medium-fine. When it comes to size, these are more like sand than salt.

You might not even be able to tell the difference between an espresso produced with a real espresso machine and one made with a Keurig in terms of flavor.

In both cases, you’ll get a strong drink that tastes good. However, it would be best if you didn’t count on it being as rich as authentic espresso in your brew.

You won’t get as much crema with espresso made using an espresso machine. Instead, you’ll get a lighter and thinner top layer than an espresso.

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Does Keurig K Cafe Make Espresso?

The Keurig K Cafe is marketed as a latte and cappuccino machine, but because it also offers the Shot option, you might think it’s an espresso maker. But that’s not the case.

Keurig K Cafe can only make regular coffee, not espresso shots like other Keurig models. So, it’s not an espresso machine like a Keurig.

The K Cafe’s Shot option, which yields a tiny amount of strong coffee, is one of its best features. The brew has a robust flavor comparable to espresso, although it lacks crema.

Nespresso Vertuo is a fantastic substitute if you’re shopping for a new device and want a pod machine that prepares espresso. When you enter the pod and click the brew button, it operates like a Keurig, but it’s better.

It creates superior coffee, you can modify the size of your cup between 0.3 and 17 ounces, and most importantly, it’s an espresso maker that makes both regular coffee and real espresso shots in a pod.

Keurig Espresso Machines to Make Espresso with Keurig

The Keurig Rivo

With the Rivo, Keurig tried to get into the market for espresso machines. This system for making cappuccino and latte was going to change the world. Everybody felt Keurig was onto something when they released its 15 bars pressure, great-looking design, and coffee maker.

The Keurig Rivo was, however, withdrawn because that did not fully materialize. Those who still own a Rivo appreciate its high caliber and all-around utility.

However, they have difficulty sourcing pods for the Rivo because it was built to use a certain pod brand, namely Lavazza’s. Avoid this specific machine even if you locate it someplace.

Keurig K-Café

Keurig K-Café is another way to use a Keurig machine to make espresso, cappuccino, and latte. This machine doesn’t need a special pod as you did with the Rivo. However, it lacks a mechanism for applying sufficient pressure.

Despite this, the device performs a respectable job of producing a powerful blast, so try not to let it discourage you.

Also, this machine has an automatic frother that does a great job. When you push the button, the frother will start to work. This doesn’t use the standard steam wand or an electronic frother.

A magnet instead moves an agitator, which does the job. This machine is the best choice for people who want to enjoy espresso and regular Keurig coffee.

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Does a Keurig Allow the Use of Espresso Capsules?

No, you can’t use them immediately because they aren’t the right shape and size for your Keurig. But with a few moves, it can be done.

You may, for instance, dump the capsule’s contents into a reusable K-cup. Since there is no filter paper on top of the plastic container, these capsules are easy to open. It’s the greatest method to try coffee capsules.

How to Operate a Keurig with an Espresso Cup?

Please place it in the middle of the drip tray plate to catch all the liquid from the funnel. But since it can only hold about 2 to 3 ounces, it might not be big enough to control the shot.

Furthermore, a tiny espresso cup won’t make a difference if some liquid splashes onto your counter. Use a normal coffee mug since this isn’t an espresso machine. After that, dispense the espresso shot into the cup from the coffee mug.

How do I utilize Espresso Pods with a Keurig?

The same way to use a Keurig espresso pod as a regular K-Cup coffee pod. Put the pod in the pod basket, fasten the top, and press the brew button. Brew the tiniest cup you can to resemble an espresso shot most accurately.

Most Keurig machines have a cup size of 4 ounces, but a shot of espresso is 1.5 ounces. If you choose a bigger cup, your espresso coffee might be watered down and taste more like regular drip coffee.

If your Keurig machine has a “shot” button, press this one when you want to make a shot of espresso.

How to Choose an Espresso Pod?

You can still produce a Keurig espresso shot without an espresso K-Cup. When choosing a Keurig K-Cup pod, make sure it has darkly roasted coffee grinds. Additionally, search for K-Cups with labels that indicate they are extra potent or contain more caffeine.

What does the KEURIG’s shot button do?

On some Keurig machines, you can use the “shot” button to make a concentrated shot of coffee. The amount of water used in this shot, 2 ounces, is a little bit more than what is used in an espresso shot, 1.5 ounces.

When brewing with the “shot” button on your Keurig, you can use any coffee pod of your choice, including espresso K-Cups.

Is there a difference between an Espresso K Cup and a regular K Cup?

When you open a K Cup with an espresso spout, you’ll see that the interior is identical. The coffee grinds are similar to those in regular K-Cups and are not crammed inside the K-Cup. Rather, they are dispersed throughout many K-Cups.

Which Keurig Coffee Makers Produce Espresso?

The Keurig K-Cafe series uses pods to make “espresso.” After that, you can make hot foamy milk using a frothing attachment. It’s more like frothy coffee. Another name for this beverage is “café au lait.” Because they don’t produce enough pressure to make espresso, Keurig machines are more akin to drip or pour-over coffee makers.

Does Keurig offer the best way to make Espresso Coffee?

Your needs determine the answer. But Keurig can’t make espresso. For higher-quality espresso in the convenience of your home, a super or semi-automatic espresso machine is strongly advised. This machine might be for you if you like coffee with milk, like cafe au lait.

Do Keurig Stores Offer Espresso Pods?

A variety of “espresso” pods in various roasts and flavors are available from Keurig. A Keurig machine can’t make real espresso with these pods because it doesn’t have enough pressure. The result will be more like a cup of strong drip coffee.

How does the Keurig Rivo work?

In 2012, Keurig came out with the Rivo coffee machine, a 15-bar-pressure espresso machine. The device also came with a milk frother that could make cappuccino, latte, or cold foam. In 2016, the coffee maker was removed from sale and distribution in the market.


Keurig coffee makers are single-serve devices that use huge coffee pods and brew greater quantities of water, but with a few adjustments, you should be able to prepare a cup of coffee that mimics espresso.

We hope this guide will help you learn how to make espresso with Keurig, or at least how to make something that tastes like espresso. Single-serve Keurig coffee makers brew drip coffee to perfection, and you can make several tasty types with no effort or mess.

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