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how to make nitro cold brew

How to Make Nitro Cold Brew in 3 Simple Steps

Nitro cold brew is an infused version of regular cold brew coffee. Just a difference is that you get a smooth, creamy, nitrogen-filled enhanced flavor.

It is popular because you can make it easy to make and serve, and the cascading effect that drives people to at least try it out.

It may feel challenging, “how do you make nitro cold brew coffee at home” but it’s not. Follow the simple steps to get a perfect cup of coffee.

Making Nitro Cold Brew Infographic

Nitro Cold Brew in 2 Simple Steps

  • Make Cold Brew Coffee
  • Infuse it with Nitrogen

Making Nitro Cold Brew Coffee Step by Step

  1. First, make a cold brew and set the size per your taste preferences.
  2. Fill the reservoir (nitrogen flask) with the cold brew.
  3. Close the flask and charge it with Nitrogen.
  4. Shake it for a few minutes and serve it in a glass.

Here you go! Now you can enjoy the cascading effect and texture of black coffee.

Pro Tip: Use premium, freshly roasted coffee beans, and cold, filtered water for a lovely taste.

What equipment to use?

  • Keg Style
  • Whipper Style (Nitro Whip)

Can you use a cream whipper to make Nitro Coffee?

No, it’s not recommended, as a cream whipper uses Nitrous Oxide that creates bubbles in the foam of coffee. The cream structure doesn’t work as one can expect.

Secondly, the Nitro chargers don’t fit the whippers.

Do you use ice in your Nitro Cold Brew?

It can be made with ice, but it’s unnecessary.

What is the lifespan of Nitro Cold Brew?

The best period to store and serve is often two weeks; it will remain fresh for up to three months. Coffee’s shelf life is increased when it is kept cold, under pressure, and with Nitrogen in a keg. 

Is nitro cold brew stronger than a regular cold brew?

Nitro cold brew coffee is not stronger than traditional cold brew coffee because the nitrous oxide infusion makes it sweeter.


Coffee is enjoyed pleasantly and refreshingly with its distinctly smooth and creamy texture, cascading foam, and cold nitrogen brew.

Preparing nitro cold brew at home entails steeping the coffee grounds in cold water for a long time, keeping it in the fridge, and infusing it with nitrogen gas before serving.

Yet, the procedure is relatively straightforward and adaptable to individual taste preferences.

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