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Instant Iced Coffee Recipe

Instant Iced Coffee (Easy Recipe and Variations)

Since it’s harder to make iced coffee than hot coffee, many people don’t drink it. People think making iced coffee takes more steps and time to prepare than making a hot cup with instant coffee.

Well, it’s not true, though. With the instant coffee mix, you can also make iced coffee. This recipe only needs 4 things and only takes 2 minutes to make.

Check out this recipe if you want to mix iced coffee with instant coffee. This will probably change your life and save you a lot of money.

How to Make Instant Iced Coffee (3 Easy Steps)


  • Coffee grounds, 1–2 tablespoons (to taste)
  • A preferred type of creamer, one-third cup
  • 2/3 cup of ice-cold water
  • Ice


  • Glass
  • Spoon


1. Mix Coffee Grounds and Creamer

First, fill a glass with 1/3 cup of your preferred creamer and 1 to 2 tablespoons of instant ground coffee.

Make sure to stir the creamer to distribute the coffee grounds thoroughly and evenly. The coffee grounds will start to dissolve, but they won’t be gone yet.

2. Add Water and Dissolve the Coffee

After that, pour 2 to 3 cups of cold water to completely dissolve the coffee. You can fill the glass with up to 112 cups of water for a milder coffee flavor.

Stir constantly until all of the coffee is gone. It could take a while. So, get ready to stir for a while.

3. Add Ice and Enjoy

When the coffee has finished dissolving entirely, add ice in any quantity you choose. Enjoy!

Instant Iced Coffee Recipe- Variations

We just told you how to make a simple iced coffee recipe with instant coffee. You can experiment with different seasonings or variants to add flavor to your iced coffee and achieve the desired flavor.

Here are some different ways to do it:

Altering Proportions

This idea isn’t a precise version; rather, it’s a suggestion for brewing the ideal iced coffee, depending on your preferences.

The fact that you may gently adjust the quantities to make the drink sweeter or stronger based on your preferences is one of the best things about this recipe.

Increase the amount of instant coffee and decrease the amount of water and creamer if you prefer a bolder cup of joe. The coffee flavor will be the most prominent and stand out among the other flavors of the beverage as a result.

On the other hand, you can lighten the flavor of the coffee by adding additional water and creamer.

It will make the coffee taste sweeter, which is good for people who don’t like coffee that is too strong. You can add up to 112 cups of water or 1/2 cup of creamer for the lightest flavor.

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Different Creamers

In this recipe, you can choose the creamer you like best. Each creamer can give the iced coffee a different taste and level of sweetness. Try out different creamers to find the one that goes best with your iced coffee.

The finished product tastes creamier and less sweet when you start with an almond-based creamer, so experts strongly advise doing so.

You can also use a standard creamer made with milk or soy if you have an allergy to almonds. A great classic is a creamer that tastes like Vanilla from France.

You may make a substitute for creamer by mixing 1 teaspoon of sugar and 6 ounces of cold milk. Making the drink thicker without you having to buy creamer.


In the paragraphs above, we suggested that you chill your coffee with cubed ice rather than adding extra processes.

Blending iced coffee instead of slicing it into cubes creates a texture akin to a malt beverage with paper-thin ice shavings.

Follow the directions above for stages 1 and 2. Then, put the drink and ice in a blender. When you achieve the correct consistency, continue blending and adding more ice. Fill your glass with the beverage, then sip.

Once you know how to make basic cold coffee, you can enjoy trying new things! Here are some simple ways to get ideas:

Espresso Powder-

If you want a stronger taste, you can switch out the coffee granules for instant espresso powder.


You can use milk or not in this recipe for cold coffee, depending on your desire. Milk made from animals and milk made from plants will both work.

Flavored Syrup-

One way to improve this drink’s already great flavor is to substitute flavored coffee syrup for simple syrup. Whether making a Vanilla Latte or a Salted Caramel treat, flavored syrup, like this delicious Cinnamon Brown Sugar Syrup, is a must.

Flavored Creamer-

You can change things by using your favorite flavored creamers. During the holidays, try peppermint or French Vanilla.

Iced Latte-

To make a delicious latte, combine the basic recipe with your preferred milk. Tip: Shake the milk carton before pouring for a creamier beverage.

Iced Americano-

You can make a similar drink to an Iced Americano by leaving out the sugar and milk.

Iced Mocha-

Use chocolate syrup instead of regular sugar when making an Iced Mocha. Yum!

Instant Cold Brew-

The outcome is comparable to cold brew if you omit the sugar and milk. You could make more than one batch and eat it over several days.

Mix 14 cups of instant coffee and 12 cups of hot tap water in a pitcher for four servings.

When dissolved, add 3 cups of cold water and mix. Put this mixture in the fridge, and just before you serve it, add sugar and milk.


Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of caramel sauce and, if desired, top with whipped cream, similar to Starbucks.


Try adding whiskey, rum, brandy, or Baileys.


Mix in cinnamon, ginger, or nutmeg that has been freshly grated.


Combine in sweetened condensed milk while reducing or omitting sugar altogether.

Whipped Cream-

Finish with a sprinkle of whipped cream.

Low Carbs-

If you omit the sweetener or replace it with a keto-friendly sweetener like erythritol, you can enjoy these while adhering to a low-carb or ketogenic diet.

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Pro Tips for Making Instant Iced Coffee

  1. Don’t reduce sugar– Adding sugar gives this a delightful taste, much like what you may find at Starbucks. It might be healthier if you cut it down, but it might not taste as good.
  2. Milk– Select your preferred variety.
  3. Don’t heat until hot– These changes how it tastes and how long it takes to cool down. To dissolve the sugar, heat the mixture until it is just warm.
  4. Top the coffee with the plant milk and then a small amount. You can watch when you combine coffee and milk as they create a stunning pattern. If you’re giving this drink to guests, make sure to serve it right away and give each person a straw so they can stir their drink.
  5. If you prefer coffee without as much milk, use more cold water. Taste your drink and make changes to it until you like it.


What is the amount of caffeine in an instant iced coffee?

According to Nescafe, each serving of their instant coffee granules (2g) contains between 50 and 90mg of caffeine.

How do you make iced coffee?

Usually, cold brew is used, but sometimes ice is used to cool down regular hot brew. This delicious beverage combines ice-cold milk with a choice of sweetener (in coffee shops, most likely bottled syrups).

Can you mix cold water and instant coffee?

You certainly can, but keep in mind that it will take somewhat longer to dissolve.

How much milk to use?

Because this recipe calls for ordinary whole, it is rich without being heavy. But you can use any dairy, like skim, fat-free, oat, almond, half-and-half, or sweetened condensed.

What is the quickest method for iced coffee?

Adding ice cubes or mixing hot coffee with ice in a cocktail shaker are the finest ways to chill it down. Coffee takes longer to cool in the freezer. Or you could use instant coffee to create your drink.

What is the best kind of ice?

It’s important to choose the right ice! Since crushed ice melts quickly, consumers recommend medium or large cubes. Large ones are preferable if you have access to them because they melt slowly while keeping your drink cool.

However, the most typical ice in a household freezer is medium ice cubes.

What type of coffee is used to make instant iced coffee?

Pick a medium roast or a dark roast! It will taste good and have a strong flavor.

How to make iced coffee from hot coffee?

Sure can! Let a hot beverage cool to room temperature before chilling it. The only downside is that you have to plan for this step.

How to keep instant iced coffee from going stale?

Coffee can be frozen in ice cube trays if you unintentionally (or intentionally) produce too much of it. When you make your next iced coffee, use the coffee ice cubes.

The wonderful coffee flavor will still be present even when the ice cubes melt and dilute your beverage.

Can you use cold water to make instant coffee?

Yes, you can use cold water to make instant coffee. Stir in a small amount to completely dissolve the coffee grounds before adding more cold water, milk, and sugar to complete the beverage.

Which is better for instant coffee, milk, or water?

Milk has sugar and fat, which greatly slows the brewing process. Because of this, instant coffee will dissolve in milk much more slowly than in water.


How much fun was it for you to figure out how to create instant iced coffee? Your days of struggling with complicated and pricey iced coffee are now over!

You can whip up a cup of delicious iced coffee in minutes with nothing more than your everyday instant coffee mix. You are free to adjust the ingredients in this recipe to suit your tastes.

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