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What is Americano Coffee

What is Americano Coffee? Origin, How to Make, and Variations

Making an Americano involves mixing hot water with an espresso shot. This popular coffee beverage has a unique, bold taste and is a favorite among coffee lovers worldwide.

This article will cover everything you need about Americano coffee, including its origins, preparation, and flavor variations.

Origins of Americano Coffee

The first Americano coffee was made during World War II. The espresso was too robust for the American troops in Italy, so they diluted it with hot water.

They called this new drink an “Americano” because it reminded them of a beverage they liked to drink back home.

Since then, Americano coffee has become a famous drink worldwide. Coffee lovers all over the world enjoy drinking it.

How to Americano at Home?

  • Start by brewing a shot of espresso using an espresso machine.
  • Heat the water to the desired temperature (around 200°F).
  • Pour the hot water into a cup.
  • Add the espresso shot to the cup.
  • Stir the coffee to mix the espresso and hot water.
  • Enjoy!

What is the taste of Americano Coffee?

The taste of Americano coffee is unique and distinct. It has a bold, rich flavor that is less strong than a regular espresso shot.

The hot water added to the espresso shot dilutes the coffee’s strength, making it more palatable for those who find regular espresso too strong.

What are the Variations of Americano Coffee?

  • Long Black: This style of Americano starts with hot water and then adds the espresso shot.
  • Red Eye: When you mix espresso with regular coffee, you get a Red Eye.
  • Black Eye: Mix two espresso shots into a cup of drip coffee to make a Black Eye.
  • White Americano: A White Americano adds hot water to an espresso shot, then a splash of milk or cream.


In conclusion, Americano coffee is a popular and delicious coffee beverage that lovers worldwide enjoy. It is a simple drink made using only two ingredients: espresso and hot water.

Americano coffee has a unique and distinct taste that is less strong than a regular espresso shot but still packs a bold flavor. You can also try variations like the Long Black, Red Eye, Black Eye, and White Americano.


How many shots of espresso are in an Americano coffee?

An Americano coffee is typically made using one shot of espresso. However, some people prefer two espresso shots for a more pungent taste.

Can I add milk or cream to an Americano coffee?

Yes, you can add milk or cream to an Americano coffee to create a White Americano. However, adding milk or cream will alter the taste of the coffee.

Is Americano coffee stronger than regular coffee?

It is typically less robust than regular coffee due to the addition of hot water.

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