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Best Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods

12 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods

A single-cup machine makes it easy for one person to make a cup of coffee without help. If you live alone, it’s much cheaper and more creative to use the best single serve coffee maker with no pods. We’ve compiled a list of the best single-serve coffee makers that don’t use pods this year.

Learn more about how we arrive at our unbiased product recommendations by reading the research and reviewing what goes into our work. We may receive a small commission by clicking on our links and making a purchase.

Top Picks

1. Best Budget- Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

This coffee maker makes a single serving for $100 using ground coffee.

2. Most Versatile- Ninja Specialty Coffee Maker

Even after over 12,000 evaluations, the Ninja maintains a 4.7 average rating. There is a strong base for this coffee maker.

3. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Mr. Coffee’s new one-touch cappuccino and espresso machine make it easy for anyone to create professional-looking specialty coffee drinks.

Comparison Table

Sr. No.Product’s NameProduct DimensionsBrewing CapacityBrewing Time
1.Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker11.4″D x 12.2″W x 13.7″H12 Cups5-10 mins
2.Ninja Specialty Single Serve Coffee Maker8.75″D x 11.99″W x 15.04″H10 Cups10-15 mins
3.Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine13 x 7.1 x 15 inches10 Cups8 mins
4.BLACK & DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker5.47″D x 6.14″W x 9.41″H16 Ounces3 mins
5.Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Machine10.6″D x 13″W x 14.3″H6 Cappuccinos 3 Lattes2-4 mins
6.Hamilton Scoop Single Serve Coffee Machine6.7″D x 8.35″W x 8.67″H8 to 14 Ounces Cup90 Seconds to 2.5 mins
7.Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One6.5″D x 11″W x 12″H1 Cup4 mins
8.Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker7.68″D x 15.88″W x 14.9″H12 Cup11 mins
9.Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker9.33″D x 11.03″W x 12.13″H4 to 12 Ounces1-2 mins
10.Single Serve Coffee Machine- EZBASICS8.7″D x 5.1″W x 10.2″H1 Cup15 seconds
11.1ADIRchef Single Serve Coffee Maker5.1″D x 6.7″W x 10.1″H15 Ounces2-3 mins
12.BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker4.75″D x 10″W x 7.25″H1 Cup5 mins

List of 12 Best Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods

  1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker
  2. Ninja Specialty Single Serve Coffee Maker
  3. Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine
  4. BLACK & DECKER Single Cup Coffee Maker
  5. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Machine
  6. Hamilton Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker
  7. Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One
  8. Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker
  9. Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker
  10. Single-Serve Coffee Machine- EZBASICS
  11. ADIRchef Single Serve Coffee Maker
  12. BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

1. Hamilton Beach FlexBrew Coffee Maker

Two Way Brewer with no Pods


  • Single-Cup Coffee Machine
  • 2 Way Brewer
  • Pause and Pour Feature
  • Removable Drip Tray

Product Description:

This is the perfect machine for you if you have multiple coffee lovers in your household. When you want to stop using pods but your family members aren’t on board, the Hamilton Beach FlexBrew can satisfy everyone’s needs.

You can customize your coffee-brewing experience with the Hamilton Beach Two-Way FlexBrew. The carafe and individual cup brewers are on opposite sides of the machine. Coffee can be brewed on either side automatically each morning. Select the Bold Brew option to make your coffee even more flavorful.

Ground coffee can be used with the single-cup side. It gives you a choice between two filter baskets included in the package. You may brew into a mug or, by removing the drip tray, into a taller travel mug.

It automatically shuts off after 2 hours and features a warming plate on the carafe side. It’s possible to make enough coffee for 12 servings using this glass carafe.

2. Ninja Specialty Single Serve Coffee Maker

Multiserve Coffee Maker with No Pods


  • 10 Cup Capacity Maker
  • 4 Brewing Methods
  • Removable Mesh Filter
  • Built-in Water Reservoir
  • Adjustable Cup Sizes

Product Description:

The Ninja Specialty coffee machine boasts a sleek design that won’t crowd your counter. The body is made of stainless steel and has a clear plastic covering in crucial parts.

Enjoy your favorite lattes, cappuccinos, and more, hot or cold, with the help of this versatile coffee machine. From a single serving to a full glass carafe, you have six options for brewing size.

Multiple preparation methods (including black, flavored, iced, and cafe forte) attest to the beverage’s versatility and worth. Your coffee may now be brewed whenever you want, thanks to the “Delay Brew” feature.

A 50-ounce glass carafe with a plastic handle and a brew-through cover is included with the Ninja. In addition to the milk’s velvety froth, the guide consists of a recipe book, an ergonomic scoop, a detachable water reservoir, and a fold-away frother.

The temperature settings, a pre-wetting cycle to wet the grounds, and an automatic shutoff feature called “Drip Stop” after 2 hours of inactivity are all noteworthy additions.

3. Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine

Braun Multiserve Coffee Maker with no Pods


  • Programmable Brew Sizes
  • Stainless Steel Glass Carafe
  • Automatic Shut OFF
  • Charcoal Water Filter
  • Multi-Serve Dial

Product Description:

It’s hard to ignore the Braun MultiServe Coffee Machine’s many impressive functions. Try your coffee light, gold, bold, or over ice to mix things up. You can even choose to drink tea.

This coffee machine is designed to highlight the coffee’s flavor. A delicious cup of coffee is produced using the recommended brew temperatures established by the Specialty Coffee Association. The combination of the permanent gold-tone filter and the charcoal water filter makes an exceptionally smooth and refreshing beverage.

Freshness indicators tell you if your brewed coffee is still drinkable or if it has gone wrong after it has been brewed. The automatic shutoff feature of your coffee maker after 2 hours of use is a welcome added layer of security.

4. BLACK & DECKER Single Cup Coffee Maker

BLACK & DECKER Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods


  • One Touch Operation
  • Auto OFF Function
  • Reusable Filter
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • 2-Year Warranty

Product Description:

Black & Decker is a household name in the appliance sector, and this coffee maker is proof that they create quality products. They came up with a minimalist yet feature-rich design that can be used in almost any little area. A 16-ounce thermal-insulated travel mug is included and will fit virtually any vehicle’s cup holder. It’s the ideal way to kick off the day.

The coffee grounds are filtered via a removable permanent filter; unlike paper filters, this one does not need to be replaced. Paper filters can be used regardless, but the metal filter is more effective.

This coffee maker takes only a single push of a button to start brewing, making it ideal for those with hectic schedules. If you have your grounds prepared and your machine programmed, you can get your drink of choice delivered straight to your mug.

If you forget or are too hurried to turn it off, don’t worry; the automated shutoff feature will keep the battery from draining.

Water is heated to the ideal temperature thanks to an integrated optimal brewing setting, producing the best taste. All this functionality is housed in a small, lightweight body that is simple to stow away.

5. Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

One Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Coffee Machine without Pods


  • Automatic Milk Frother
  • Programmable Coffee Maker
  • 19 Bar Italian Pump
  • Removable Milk Reservoir
  • Single or Double Shot

Product Description:

The Mr. Coffee One-Touch Espresso and Cappuccino Maker is an excellent investment if you like to make espressos and coffee shop-style specialty drinks at home.

Your portafilter can hold either a single shot or a double shot, so pack it accordingly. Once you’re ready to make an easy and quick cup of espresso, just click the button.

Brewing in tall mugs is the way to go if you want to make extra-large lattes. Once your espresso is ready, pour some foamed milk on top without lifting your cup.

This cappuccino machine is a must-have and is easy to use despite providing 19 bars of pressure required for authentic espresso.

6. Hamilton Scoop Single Serve Coffee Maker

Hamilton Scoop Coffee Machine with Stainless Steel Carafe


  • Stainless-steel Carafe
  • Permanent Coffee Filters
  • Automatic Shut OFF
  • 8-14 Ounces Brewing Capacity
  • Compact Footprints

Product Description:

A cup of coffee may be made in seconds with the help of the Hamilton Beach Scoop Single-Serve Coffee Machine. The filter basket, which also functions as a scoop, makes this machine very user-friendly.

The coffee filter makes it simple to measure the right amount of coffee for your machine accurately. How cool is that? In addition to being appropriate for use in the dishwasher, this filter is also relatively lightweight.

There are a few different-sized cups, starting at 8 ounces and going up to 14 ounces. For use with mugs of a different size, a ledge can be attached to the drip tray, which is otherwise designed for a standard travel mug. With this height-adjustable shelf, you can avoid a coffee-brewing disaster.

This coffee maker just makes one cup at a time and turns it off when it’s done. This machine’s high-quality stainless-steel components are strong enough to survive frequent use.

7. Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One

Best Expensive- Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods


  • Single Serve Coffee Maker
  • Removable Cup Holder
  • Automatically Shut OFF
  • 5-Year Warranty

Product Description:

You won’t find a better single-cup coffee maker than the Technivorm Moccamaster Cup-One. The coffee maker is equivalent to the Apple iPhone. It’s expensive, but it’s reliable and effective every time.

This black or silver appliance is long-lasting, saves on power, and takes up very little room on your kitchen top. If you touch one button on the machine, it makes coffee in four minutes. The coffee has enough time to “bloom” as a result.

The Technivorm, on the other hand, is one of the most premium coffee makers available. They are a quality-focused organization. The last piece provides additional information on them and their other Moccamaster brewers.

8. Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker

Coffee Drip Brewer with No Pods


  • Coffee Drip Brewer
  • Multiple Brew Sizes
  • Programmable Carafe

Product Description:

The Keurig K-Pod Duo Plus Coffee Maker is an excellent gadget for brewing coffee rapidly. It’s a flexible gadget that can brew coffee from a K-Pod or directly from coffee grounds.

Amazingly compact for a full-sized coffee machine, the design is something special. The digital screen and the control panel are located at the top of the device. Brewing coffee in various sizes is a breeze with the Keurig K-Pod Duo Plus Coffee Maker.

The control panel features a variety of capacity buttons so you can brew just how much coffee you need. The coffee machine even allows you to choose between a robust and intense brew.

In addition, the giant water storage tank is located in the rear. There’s a gold-tone filter on the inside, and it squeezes every last drop of coffee out of the grounds.

Coffee stays hotter for longer thanks to the thermal carafe that comes included with this Keurig machine. This device can make coffee in a K-cup as well. The larger thermal carafe is fantastic and has no trouble holding up to 12 cups of coffee.

Regarding safeguards, the Keurig K-Pod Duo Plus Coffee Maker has everything you could want. The brewing process immediately stops when you remove the carafe from the coffee maker. The container for the coffee grounds is spacious enough to accommodate several brewing cycles at once.

9. Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker

Premium Single-Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods


  • Single Serve Coffee Machine
  • Hot Water Dispenser
  • Automatic Shut OFF
  • 3-Year Warranty

Product Description:

The Cuisinart Premium Single-Serve is the best choice if you prefer a full cup of coffee every time. It can make up to 12 ounces of coffee at a time, enough to fill a large cup full of the good stuff to start your day.

The design is understated and sophisticated. The whole unit is made out of high-quality, long-lasting plastic. The water tank is visible from the front, making it a breeze to maintain.

Adjust the brewing capacity of the Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker up to 12 ounces. The grounds hopper is also equipped with a lid, making adding grounds simple without messing.

In only a few minutes, you may have the coffee maker clean and ready to use again. And the drip tray may be taken out and put through the dishwasher.

The Cuisinart SS-10P1 Premium Single-Serve Coffeemaker ensures that you may have freshly brewed coffee first thing in the morning. The brewing process can be automated with a timer for up to 24 hours.

10. EZBASICS Single Serve Coffee Maker

EZBASICS Single Serve Coffee Maker with No Pods


  • Reusable Coffee Filters
  • Removable Drip Tray
  • Automatically Shuts OFF
  • Water Reservoir

Product Description:

The EZBASICS Single Serve Coffee Maker makes it simple to brew great coffee whenever you choose. The machine’s user interface is straightforward, and there are no complicated settings to learn.

This is a convenient machine that can brew either regular coffee or K-cups. The machine’s water boiler is highly effective, heating water rapidly so that coffee can be brewed in a matter of minutes.

Since the water reservoir is only 10 ounces in size, you can only brew a single serving of coffee at a time. Please refill the water tank and resume coffee production.

There is also no digital display or other buttons; instead, you’ll find an on/off toggle on the side to begin the brewing cycle.

After brewing is complete, the EZBASICS Single Serve Coffee Maker will switch off automatically. Coffee can be brewed in a cup or travel mug, but a carafe is out of the question with this single-serve machine.

In conclusion, this is a great coffee maker that just requires the push of a single button. It’s compact brewing equipment that can withstand heavy use and take up little space.

11. ADIRchef Single Serve Coffee Maker

Mini Travel Coffee Maker- ADIRchef


  • Mini Travel Coffee Maker
  • BPA Free
  • Permanent Filters
  • Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe

Product Description:

This single-cup coffee maker includes a BPA-free, dishwasher-safe travel mug with a silicone insulating band. The machine is available in several hues beyond the standard black, including blue, green, and ruby red.

The machine itself is compact enough to fit into even the tiniest of kitchens, and it comes with a permanent filter basket for use with your preferred ground coffee. The automated shutdown function is a nice bonus.

The included travel mug has an effective insulator, making this a great compact one-cup coffee maker. A nice cup of coffee is quickly produced after the hot water has been turned on.

The coffee it produces is excellent. It heats up fast, doesn’t take up much space on the counter, and is a top-notch portable mug.

12. BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker

BELLA One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker


  • Black Stainless Steel
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Reusable Filter
  • Adjustable Drip Tray

Product Description:

This coffee maker for one cup eliminates the need for disposable filters because it has a filter that can be cleaned in the dishwasher. You can brew a tasty cup in a matter of minutes with the 14-ounce water tank and adjustable drip tray.

The One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker is ideal for homes with limited counter space and companies, studios, and dormitories. Tea, hot chocolate, oatmeal, and other hot drinks and foods require hot water, and this can be made in it.

This single-cup coffee maker has 600 watts of power and is perfect for when you need a fast pick-me-up. You can make a large cup of ground coffee thanks to the 14-ounce water tank. Hot water for instant porridge or soup bagged, loose tea, powdered chocolate, or apple cider can also be made in the coffee machine.

The One Scoop One Cup Coffee Maker is ideal for homes with limited counter space, offices, and dorm rooms. A smaller footprint means less room in a cupboard or pantry.

Considerations Before Purchasing a best Single-Serve Coffee Maker Without Pods

It’s not easy to find the best single serve coffee maker with no pods among all the many available. Here are some things to remember when purchasing one of these coffee makers.

Brewing Capacity

A single-cup coffee maker that doesn’t use pods can still brew a cup of coffee, but its output will be lower. Not all coffee makers have the same brewing capacity, so it’s important to double-check before you buy. The best coffee makers let you customize the volume of coffee you make.

Brewing Speed

When searching for the best single serve coffee maker with no pods, it’s essential to consider how quickly it can prepare a cup. The complete cycle of the coffee maker, from heating the water to brewing the coffee to pouring it into the cup, is counted as part of the brewing time.

Ensure the machine adequately brews the coffee grounds before they are poured into the cup, especially if time is of the essence.

Water Reservoir Capacity

Think about how many cups you want to make when you buy a coffee maker and how big the water tank is. It’s easier to make a lot of coffee for a large group if the tank is large enough. It can be inconvenient to constantly have to replenish the small tanks of some single-cup coffee makers after each brewing cycle.


This coffee machine can accommodate both regular coffee grounds and K-cup pods. One day when you’re in a rush and don’t have time to ground whole beans, just pop a K-cup into the machine and create instant coffee.

Safety Features

You should never ignore the appliance’s safety features when shopping for a single-cup coffee maker. The coffee maker should have an automated shutoff option so that it turns off after brewing is complete.


Investigate the carafe that comes with your coffee machine. Some best single serve coffee makers with no pods units, such as the Keurig K-Duo Plus Coffee Maker, have a carafe. These coffee makers typically have two carafe options, namely:

Thermal Carafe:

The coffee will stay nice and hot for much longer thanks to the thermal carafe. These carafes are stylish and functional, making them perfect for your morning brew. Nonetheless, only high-priced machines come with thermal carafes.

Glass Carafe:

There are various glass carafe coffee makers available. The main drawback to these carafes is that the coffee won’t stay hot for as long. However, glass carafes may be stored in the fridge without breaking, allowing you to enjoy freshly brewed coffee for longer.


The best coffee makers for single servings come in many forms. A machine can range from around $50 to over $200. Before going coffee maker purchasing, create a budget.

Frequently Asked Questions- Best Single Serve Coffee Maker With no Pods

Which single-cup coffee machine is the best for use at home?

The Cuisinart Premium Coffee machine is the best single-cup coffee maker for household usage. A fantastic machine that makes excellent coffee rapidly.

Do coffee pods create the best cup of joe?

You can still create coffee without a pod by adding grounds to the coffee machine. Pick any top single-serve coffee maker with no pods to make coffee on this list.

Are coffee makers that only make one cup worth it?

They certainly are! Enjoy freshly brewed coffee without waiting around, thanks to single-cup coffee machines. These high-tech gadgets can brew a pot of coffee in minutes.

Compared to a Keurig, what other coffee maker do you recommend?

If you don’t care for Keurig, Cuisinart is another good option. It’s hard to choose between these two manufacturers because they both provide excellent coffee makers that are beautiful, long-lasting, and simple to operate.

Which single-cup Keurig coffee maker is the best?

There is a good reason why the Keurig – K-Elite dominates the single-cup coffee maker market. It’s flexible, user-friendly, and adjustable, producing drinkable coffee. The Elite is your best option for a single-cup coffee maker with pods.

What distinguishes K-Cups from K-Cup Pods?

K-Cups are disposable plastic coffee brewing containers that include a filter. The coffee grounds within a coffee pod are flat and enclosed in a spherical paper filter. K-Cups, unlike coffee pods, are compatible with many single-cup brewers, not just Keurig machines.

Final Thoughts

The best single serve coffee maker with no pods allows you to brew freshly ground beans every time. Place your coffee grounds in the hopper, and you’ll soon be brewing delicious coffee without having to shell out for pricey pods.

It would be best to read the recommendations, think about the buying guide, and check the frequently asked questions before making a final decision.

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