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How to Make Iced Coffee with Keurig

How To Make Iced Coffee With Keurig (Three Ways)

Iced coffee is a perfect summer drink, especially for those who love their caffeine fix. And what’s better than making iced coffee quickly and conveniently using your Keurig coffee maker?

Keurig machines are versatile and can make hot and iced coffee, making them a perfect addition to any kitchen.

This article will show you how to make iced coffee with Keurig using different methods.

Method 1: Keurig Brew Over Ice

  1. Start by filling a tall glass with ice cubes.
  2. Please choose your favorite coffee K-cup, and place it in the Keurig machine.
  3. Select the “Brew Over Ice” setting on your Keurig machine.
  4. Place your glass under the spout and hit the “brew” button.
  5. Wait for your Keurig to finish brewing, and enjoy your freshly brewed iced coffee.

Method 2: Keurig with Ice Bath

  1. Fill a cup with ice cubes and place it under the Keurig spout.
  2. Brew a strong coffee using your Keurig machine into the cup of ice.
  3. Fill a jar or a pitcher with more ice cubes and pour the coffee concentrate into it.
  4. Dilute the coffee concentrate with cold water to your liking.
  5. Serve the coffee over ice, and add milk, creamer, or sweetener according to your preference.

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Method 3: Keurig with Reusable K-cup

  1. Fill your reusable K-cup with your desired amount of coffee grounds.
  2. Place the reusable K-cup in your Keurig machine, and select the brew size according to your preference.
  3. Brew your coffee into a cup filled with ice cubes.
  4. Stir the coffee to ensure that the ice cubes melt and blend well with the coffee.
  5. Add milk, creamer, or sweetener according to your preference, and enjoy your homemade iced coffee.


Making iced coffee with Keurig is quick, easy, and convenient. Whether you prefer a strong coffee taste or a milder one, Keurig machines offer multiple options to cater to your taste buds.

The Keurig Brew Over Ice, Keurig with Ice Bath, and Keurig with Reusable K-cup methods are excellent options for making a delicious iced coffee at home.

So, next time you crave an iced coffee, grab your Keurig machine and try one of these methods. Experiment with different coffee blends and add-ons to create your perfect iced coffee recipe.

With Keurig, you can enjoy your favorite summer drink without leaving the comfort of your home. Happy brewing!

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